10 coolest subreddits and communities represented by R / place, ranked

In a fascinating example of how the internet works together and apart, Reddit / r / place opened for the first time in five years. / r / place is a digital canvas that is open to everyone for free, based on the content collector’s website. This year was no less chaotic than the first iteration, which was launched in April 2017, where communities evolve around simple ideas and existing communities developed concerted efforts to get their representatives.

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But it is worth saying that the space was not without drama. Many smaller communities and passionate projects expressed their frustration with streamers, flags, and the general tendency of larger groups to absorb as much space as possible. But through it all, the place became a piece of internet history, with a little bit of everyone in it.


The Fantasy Alliance

/ r / Place's Fantasy Coallition including logos from many literary series

In one of the many examples of collaborative societies, the Fantasy / Sci-Fi Coalition was a joint effort among fans of the major literary genres, such as The Lord of the Rings story. The project was run by dozens of communities, including Reddit Harry Potter, Red Risingand Crown games communities. This group showed impressive coordination and collaboration and created something as collaborative as it was individual.

A great example of this collaboration and coordination is the grayscale theme, the landmark sandworm Dune takes over at the top, where it meets / r / OnePiece’s Gold Roger image. The groups are defined by their love of fantasy elements and they found a way to build something even better by integrating their work.


The German flag on / r / place

One of the most controversial examples of communities taking up a lot of space was the flags. Flag communities are easy to build and easy to build and expand. These two facts are why many of the oldest projects based on / r / place are national flags from around the world.

The German flag erupted early and spread rapidly, reaching all over the Places canvas. This irritated many smaller projects that were bulldozed in the process, especially as the flag continued to spread more aggressively with each expansion / r / place.

/ r / TheBlueCorner

The blue corner is a kind of call to the first / r / place. In the example of a simple concept that people come to rally around, the Blue Corner was just that – the bottom right corner of the canvas that society was determined to keep blue. Even when the canvas was enlarged (three times!), The corner remained blue.

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This angle, however, is not without some drama. Towards the end of the event, Russian streamer Bratishkinoff made his own concerted effort to put his mark on the site. The white-haired boy with the frog hat took over a large part of the corner the last day and irritated the Blue Horn who held their position as well as they could.

/ r / AnarchyChess

If there was one word to summarize / r / place it would be “anarchy”. That’s why / r / AnarchyChess developed such a solid grip on its territory towards the top of the canvas. / r / AnarchyChess is a subreddit chess humor that is incredibly active for its size. The most common jokes revolve around en-passant and other ridiculous chess moves.

The fact that subreddit covers anarchy provided them with a perfect way to integrate other communities into their work while developing their own. It’s hard to say where the game went in the final minutes / r / place, but with a full board of characters, from Shadow the Hedgehog to Wario and Luigi, everyone seemed to win.

/ r / PlaceTrees

In another simple idea that grew rapidly, / r / PlaceTrees evolved out of a simple love of nature and an easy way to take full advantage of the simple color palette provided to users. This collaborative project would ebb and flow many times over this year’s / r / place lifespan, but it found many supporters from unexpected places.

For example, the / r / Trees subreddit is about marijuana enthusiasts, and ironically, the / r / MarijuanaEnthusiasts subreddit is dedicated to trees and their gardening. Both communities participated in the development and distribution of trees across the white space / r / place.

/ r / Kirby

Kirby looks at one of the many photos on / r / place

When they’re scratching at a piece of paper, most people automatically use simple smiling faces, shapes and colors (if they have one). These three aspects are the essence Kirby, the pink-puffball video game character with a recent release. Kirby’s main talent is copying others and offering ways to integrate other communities and concepts.

The simplicity of its pink and round shape, along with its recent popularity, gave users / r / place a local character to recreate, including a few in each expansion of the canvas. Whether big or small, it was easy for users to gather around this lovely pink character and put in the effort.

Support for Ukraine

Image of the Ukrainian flag flying over / r / place

In a rare example where the online community comes together to support a common cause, the Ukrainian flag was one of the strongest and longest-lasting flags on the map. Support for Ukraine was low but meaningful support in all communities that worked around and with the flag to preserve this declaration of the current war.

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Support for Ukraine spanned all communities as the event continued from the beginning, and many communities and projects took steps to include the colors of the flag – yellow and blue – in their work.

/ r / StarWars

Two examples of Star Wars art on / r / place

To the surprise of a few, the multi-billion dollar franchise with millions of fans can create and maintain several works of art on canvas. The Star Wars the right to vote was very well represented in / r / place with two large works of art – the first and most iconic Star Wars poster, as well as the Anakin and Obi-Wan light battle duel.

These extensive works of art were among the first to be infected “Among us pest: – quickly spreading insertion of Among us characters, or “beans,” in a complex work of art that would not be noticed. But despite the inequality of suffrage, Star Wars fans seemed to embrace the suspicious characters.

/ r / OnePiece

OnePiece artwork, including a back portrait of the pirate crew and a close-up of Gold Roger

One Piece is one of the longest running anime and manga series today, started back in the late nineties and continues to this day. The series is fast approaching the end point and fans are at their peak of power – as evidenced by their two large and well-coordinated works of art on the / r / place canvas.

As mentioned above, one of these works is placed above the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Coalition, and it is a remake of the manga panel with the legendary character Gold Roger in the universe. The other photo was based on the last stretch of the canvas and shows a back view of the main members of the pirate crew’s straw hats.

The void

/ r / Place 'Void' complete with crying blood face

One of the most fragmented and conspicuously opposite films made on / r / place did not really have a single community behind it. Streamer XQC requires a lot of responsibility, but the void appeared long before it took an interest, and it probably would not have needed much guidance. The Void is a general term for the massive distribution of black pixels across canvas – and what usually appears inside it.

The void appears and disappears several times through / r / place, especially when the canvas was enlarged. The white space on a blank page is awesome, so many people go with their first motive-cover it with black. Inside the black space, disturbing images of skeletons, older horrors and other entrails would spread, in what is probably the purest type of krill on the net. This has all happened with relatively little coordination – just the online community making its mark.

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