प्यार का इज़हार करो- वो जीवन संगिनी है ! Express your love to your lovely wife!! Treat her like QUEEN and she will definitely treat you like a KING!!

Meaning in English is given at the end

बहुत कुछ है कहने को लिखने को
मगर असमंजस में हुँ
कि शुरुआत कहां से करुं।
लो जी!

हो गयी शुरुआत
मिल ही गया आज का विचार
किसी ने अभी अभी किसी से कहा
कि क्या आपको
फ़्रिज़ मे रखी सब्जियां नहीं दिखती?

सामने वाला भी बोला
और जो बोला वो वक़यी
तर्क़ कि कसौटी पर तौलाl

कि भ​ई
आपको दिख रही हैं तो बस
फ़्रिज़ मे सड़ रही सब्जियां
क्या तुम्हारे सामने बैठा
जीता जागता इन्सान
तुमको कही नज़र नहीं आता?

क्युं उसकि कोई कद्र नहीं
जो अपनी सारी दुनिया छोड़कर​
तुम्हारे भरोसे तुम्हारे साथ आया?

और अब तुम
परिणय के सारे वचन भुलाकर
माया और भौतिकता के पीछे हो?

बात भी सही थी
क्योंकि कहां आज के वक़्त में
खबर है किसी को किसी की?

मगर दोस्तों!
क्या ये सोचना वाज़िब नहीं कि
वो सिर्फ़ हमरी पत्नी नहीं
बल्कि जीवनसाथी हैl

आपके वक़्त पर उसका भी हक़ है
सब्जी तो देखली दोस्तों
मगर कभी उसका दिल भी टटोल कर देख लोl

वो दिनभर आप ही का इन्तज़ार करती होगी
जब आप बाहर जाते होंगे
वो सिर्फ़ आपके लिये दुआ करती होगीl

जब आप वपिस आते होंगे
आपकी आवभगत भी करती होगी
आपको पसन्द आये या ना आये
परन्तु सिर्फ़ आपको खुश करने के लिये
वो अपना जी जान लगाती होगीl

कभी कभी उसको भी खुश किया करो
उसकी गलतियां तलlशने से फ़ुर्सत मिले तो
कभी कभी आपके सुकून के लिये किये गए
उसके जतन भी देख लिय करोl

आपके लिये बाहर पूरी दुनिया होगी
मगर इस नये शहर मे, अपनों से दूर
उसके लिये आप ही सारी दुनिया होंगेl

जब फ़ुर्सत में अपने परिवार और दोस्तों के साथ
सवेरे से शाम तक बितl देते हो
तो कभी कनखियों से उसे देखना
प​lओगे कि उसकि नज़रें हर वक़्त
सिर्फ़ आप ही का रस्ता तक़तीं होंगीl

अब सोच कर फ़िर सोचो दोस्तों
क्या आप बर्दाश्त कर पl​ओगे अगर
आपक दामाद आपकी
नाज़ों से पली बेटी के साथ ऐसी बेरूखी करे?

क्या वो सब्जी से भी कमतर है?
जो हर वक़्त आपके लिये जिये मरे?

यही वक़्त होता है दोस्तों
साथ जीने का, इसे ज़ाया ना करेंl
चार दिन कि ज़िंदगी है दोस्तों
दुबारा या फ़िर कभी का इन्तज़ार न करेंl

आप ही की अर्धांगिनी है वो
आप ही की परछाई है वो
आपके बच्चो की माँ भी है वो
आपके प्यार की हक़दार है वो

न लो उसकी परीक्षा इस क़दर
की एक दिन वो न हो और ऐसा वक़्त आये
जब ज़माना जिसके पीछे आप भागते आये
मुँह फेरे खड़ा हो और आपको पत्नी याद आये

तब न वक़्त आपको माफ़ करेगा
और न ही वो होगी आपके लिए
और आप तिल तिल कर मर रहे होंगे
खुदा से गलतियों की माफ़ी मांग रहे होंगे

पैर तब मलाल मलाल ही रहेगा
और खुशियों के बजाय
आप मलाल ही के साथ मर रहे होंगे
न करो उस वक़्त का इंतज़ार

अभी सोचो
अभी प्यार करो
ज़िन्दगी के दिन हैं चार
न इंतज़ार करो
वक़्त तुम्हारा है अभी
गलतियों का इकबाल
और प्यार का इज़हार करो Copyright © Rachana Dhaka

There I wanna say that there is a lot to write, and while i was thinking that a person said to his wife (who is tortured by his cruel behaviour) sitting by his side that why cannot she look at the fridge and use the vegetables before they are rotten and the wife, who was quietly bearing all the emotional tortures til date when her husband doesn’t even looks at her and at times he just comes to him and tries to use just as a sex object, she was actually going through the feeling of animal existence, as she told me, as I was trying to counsel her. So today she broke up her silence and expressed her views, which I tried to put in this poem with some mix of my opinions.

She says that you ca well see the rotten vegetables but cannot see a live and breathing Human being in front of you, who is dependent on you and is there for you only while living all her loved ones back, just to be with you for your happiness and you just do not care or bother for her happiness and well being. Why is she less respectable than the dead vegetables? Why are you behaving with her that she is living her life like a dead body which is breathing. Why do you make her look down upon every time? When you wanted to get married you said you loved her, for this day? What will you gain by ruining her life like this?? Why d you just care for money and not for humans who are living for you? Why can’t you see her crying because of your broken promises or why can’t you care for her?

On her these genuine questions I want to ask myself and you as well, that is she not right in saying this, when she is being treated like a doll, when husband wants he will use her to satisfy his thrust and when he wants he will ask her to keep mum?? Why ?? Who gave him these rights?? She is his life partner how can he behave like this with her, when we normally do not even dare to do this with our domestic helps as well, we respect them more than this guy is doing to his wife, by trying to own her as his property.

Then I wanna say that you have seen your vegetables but please try to see her every day dying heart as well and try to save her. She is the only one who is giving all her life to you (Please do not compare with parents as no two relations are able to be compared, but still I will say that even your parent’s life was divided with your siblings but she is always thinking of just for you) and she is the only one who is waiting just for you, that once you will come back from office, you will spend some time with her, and believe me (except a very few exceptions) your wife has no luxurious demands from you, what she needs is some of your time, a smile on your face, some sharing in your pains and happiness and a little bit of care and nothing more. (Believe me I can never think of anything more than this, if my husband gives me this I feel like I am the richest person on the earth, I never know nor I wanna know where my husband spends how much, it never even crosses my mind).

So I urge to dear Husbands please do not listen to the jokes in the market or the people who are feeding your mind with the things which say if you will share your heart with your wife she will try to ruin your family (As the MAnu Smriti says in Hundu religion), NOOOOOOOO, if you do that she will rather try to connect the dots of your family and make it more happy place to stay, just try it and then trust me. Please rather than complaining about her every time (which actually kills her every day, when you do it for no reason or just to make her look down), get some time to see her efforts to make you happy, she does so many things for you everyday but you rather love to ignore them by saying that she is a wife its her duty, NOOOOOOOO it is your duty as well.

There may be the entire family or world for you outside but for her, after marriage, only you are her world among all the strangers around in this unknown city.

Try to spy her if you want to, when you will be spending time with all your family or friends or outsiders, she without a complain, will be waiting for you peacefully, but when you come back and ignore her even now, then you kill something within her and thus, she keeps ding a bit, everyday and you say it is her duty, she is not your servant (even a servant will leave you if you behave like this), she is your life partner and if you try to give her one smile, she will give you thousands in return, do not envy her, love her.

Think once, can you forgive a son-in-law of yours if he does this with your loving daughter, whom you have brought up with so much of love???? Obviously no, then why to this girl who came to you as a life partner but before that she is also a princess of his Dady.

Why do you ignore her, who lives and dies for you every moment and still tries to keep you happy, because she values the relationship over your egoist attitude, but you take her for granted and rather like to care for the vegetables. I would request you friends, (both husbands and wives) this is the time when you can live happily, please enjoy it together, accept your life partners hapily, they are for you and value their presence and do not wait for the other one to start you start and value their efforts and you will find they are already trying to do that in their way, which you may or not like, so please share your ideas and reveal the face that you love them, express your love by words as well as by acts, and you will find they are trying to do the same,, do not let the misunderstandings develop, this is my personal experience that if you do not share your heart, or you listen to either to others (anyone for that matter) or to your prejudices then misunderstandings are bound to happen, please do not let them ruin your beautiful life. These young days will never come to you again, once kids are born they will consume you and then no point regretting.

When you are at the death bed and revisit your life and regret not to give her due time and respect then no point, time is now in your hands and love her while you have time to enjoy, not try to show off in front of her, if you have some thing to show off then do it in front of the world, but do not let her down due to your frustration. She is your base, she can protect you from falls if she knows the flaws, but not otherwise, if you wish to see her as wife, first be a husband and support her feelings, she will support your everything.

She is mother of your kids, if she is not happy, your kids can never be either. Do not try to take her exams, otherwise that day will also come soon when the world, behind which you were running, will throw stones on you and she will be the only one trying to save you but cannot, because you have already killed her from within and now she has no strength. Then the time will not forgive you and she will no more be able to save you and you will die with a regret for sins you did to torture her in all the ways, you thought those were your rights, being a male, but you were wrong. So remove this strip of male ego right now from your eyes and express your love to her and accept your faults.

Treat her like a Queen and she will definitely treat you like a King!!

Copyright: Rachana Dhaka

Published by Rachana Dhaka

I am a law student, a resilient defender of Human Rights, a nomad who loves to know about different cultures and connect them for the better future of mankind and loves to talk to people through poetry or with some write ups. And best of all i love to motivate people and spread happiness around :)

17 thoughts on “प्यार का इज़हार करो- वो जीवन संगिनी है ! Express your love to your lovely wife!! Treat her like QUEEN and she will definitely treat you like a KING!!

  1. हाय मैं मर जावा गुड़ ख़ाके कड़ीए… तुस्सी साडा दिल जीत लियासी।

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  2. I had trouble w/ this. I am sure you mean to imply that love forgives. And, indeed, it does. “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” (1 Cor. 13: 4-7 NIV).

    But there have been millions of women abused — even murdered — by the men they loved. God did not create women to be the punching bags of men (or the reverse). We must learn to distinguish pain from passion. Love does not inflict intentional pain.

    Sorry to nitpick. This happens to be a sensitive topic for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes sir, you are absolutely right… and I love opinions of people always, because they give us more insights, at times we miss to see from the other direction and they help us to do that… You have given words to my emotions… all that is a sad truth word by word. And I also find it very sensitive topic.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for reading so many of my posts, Rachana. Abuse is a difficult topic. Many would prefer to believe that it does not happen. Advocates are greatly needed. You clearly have a strong voice, and a heart for the voiceless. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you very Much Ma’am, for understanding… Yes you are right many among us do not even feel at times that a particular way to treat kids or women (which is unfortunately part of usual social practice now) is already a kind of torture, which is more visible in the south asian countries like ours. But even the educated elites do not see it in the fair way.

        Liked by 1 person

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