Let us unite our India once again !

Let us unite our India once again
and we will rock together
why there is too much hue n cry
we will have to reunite our family,
and the Indian family is too big.
Let us develop Bharat
now we need to remove
the Bharat-India divider
how to do this n how to start
just think over it
and make a path
over which the new generation can grow,
where we can see the bright show,
where the light of new life comes,
the destiny will shine there,
the last person will smile there.
I ‘m waiting for d day when
the huge crowd will be converted
into the large men power,
the common man will be VIP,
the importance will lie in simplicity.
High thinking and hard work will be
the ideal way to be followed
when we will be together
in happiness and sorrow.
When we will tie our hands together,
the world is going to see tomorrow
that once again nothing is left
for them, except to follow
Our India and what Indians have to say.

Once we learn to

live for humanity,
live for unity,
then we will be mature enough.

Nothing we gain being rude n rough.
My dear friends!
this world is vast n wide enough
to understand the way it goes on.
Let us follow d way of nature to go ahead,
see the world wars are far behind,
but the peace is still lost n hidden.
We need to think that where to find
and how can we make our Mother India proud,
that her daughters n sons are not mere crowd,
rather they are still wittiest n the most sound.

Oh Mother! we are not mere sleeping in the drought.
Oh Mother! We are flooded with your wisdom.
With your blessings,
we are able to touch every corner of the world.
With your morals we are shining at the top,
your values are accepted where ever we go.
With your qualities we are in demand everywhere.
With your intellect we are now going to rule the universe.
Maa! now we won’t let you cry,
be happy that now we are no more shy.
With the tricolor,

we have touched the sky
and ruled d surface,
we just need to prove it again,
that we have potential to be JAGAT GURU,
even though you all have looted us time n again,
now we have nothing to loose n every thing 2 gain.
And sun is going to shine once again after the rain.
So, let us unite our India once again.

Copyright © Rachana Dhaka


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