My lovely Maa, I am thinking of you

while being miles away from you

You are so pious and i need you so much that

every single moment is getting harder without you

Maa, I am not far from you,

I feel you are still around.

You are the one who gave me life.

Maa you are the one, whom I can never forget,

Whom I can see every where,

in each child and every teacher here.

Maa, you are the one who will remain with me for ever.

Maa, when ever I remember you

I find,

I am not far from you,

because, I feel you are still around.

Maa, if I am a building,

You are always my ground.

Maa, whenever I want to meet you,

I search inside me and I find you, smiling inside.

When I am lonely,

I find your arm always around

And I feel loved and cared.

When no one is there to help me,

I find your hand on my head and I feel secured.

When I find myself perplexed,

I remember your advice and get many ways around.

Maa, you are my first teacher,

who taught me,

To remain down to earth, how so ever high I may be,

With simple life and high vision,

Always be a true human being and make everyone proud.

Maa, you are always there like a hat on my head,

When I facing the tough times.

For me, you are like a shadow in the sun,

who always shows me the path of humanity and truth.

As you want to see me as a true angel of the GOD.

Maa, you always do me a favour,

And remain my GUIDE forever.

It was your faith in me, which made me responsible and confident.

Maa, I remember you,

Don’t forget that I can’t forget you.

Though many times I have made you sad,

But, I know Maa, that, I deeply love you from the bottom of my heart.

Though I never show it to you, otherwise you could have cried.

Maa, you are the only person, who made me familiar,

to my great teachers and beloved nation.

Then my teachers taught me,

How great the role of ‘MOTHER’ is in our lives.

Maa, I know,

You bare all sorrow to give us lives.

Maa, you have skipped your meal, whenever we cried.

You have ignored every one, but, always listened to what we want.

 I know, when I went to camp,

you could not sleep the whole night.

Maa, your caring hands always strengthen me to go ahead

Maa, really you are statue of LOVE,

Who can tie the whole world, with pious spirit of brotherhood

Maa, I know, Why are you so kind?

Why have you took all our pain and kept every thing aside?

You do all this only to make our future bright.

Maa, really you are lady of many surprises,

So gentle and so strong like GOD.

Maa, you were every thing for me,

a teacher, nurse and a counselor, when I was a kid.

Maa, I remember when I didn’t study,

you used to teach for the whole night.

And when I used to get good marks,

 you were the first to congratulate me.

Maa, only you can understand me that when I am happy or sad.

Maa, when I went far from you,

It was you who was always there,

to remind me that no one can separate us,

as GOD has made me an integral part of you.

And when I came to hostel,

You were still there to remind me to have my meal,

Maa I always feel that you are still around.

Whenever I am ill here, you are the one, who become tensed,

And you pray to GOD, so that I can get well soon.

When I am happy here, you are the one, who feels it first,

and say thanks to GOD for HIS gift of joy and cheer to me.

And HE has made me more mature and confident.

Maa, please forgive my wrongs, in future you won’t be hurt

Because you are the one who made me meet with GOD

So I am sure that HE will give me all strength

To make you happy and proud.

Maa, I am really GRATEFUL to GOD,

That, HE has made me YOUR DAUGHTER

Maa, you are the one who is there inside and outside me,


Maa, you are not visible here, but, I see you everywhere I see,

I always feel your presence near me,

Maa, I am not far from you,

Maa, I always feel that, you are still around.

Copyright © Rachana Dhaka

Love you Maa :)… May you live a looooooong, happy, healthy and prosperous life 🙂

Rachana (2009)


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