Sometimes in the life time

Sometimes in the life time

We meet such a divine soul

Who makes us feel so special

Gives us such rich feelings

Which we have never got before

This is the one who completes our life

Fill all the gaps left in it

Whose presence brings happiness to us

Whose company makes us smile

This is a friend

Who makes our life happier

About whom you know within your heart

That owning this pious friendship

Was the most treasurous thing

That is the time when we feel that

This was the best thing happened to us

That this was the most pious thing

Which gives you new heights

To see the horizon of life from different angles

This is the soul stays within your heart

Now no more difference or

distance can prevail there

This is the one who brings the inner spark

Within your heart

About whom you can feel like

This is something of your very own

This was the thing happened to you

Most naturally even when

You are old enough to make your decisions

While considering all pros and cons

But still this was something which

Once again made you insane and innocent

And you were not able to think any

Questions like right or wrong in this respect

This becomes the moment

When you feel that this was a new starting

In the journey of your life

And now onwards you become

A reflection of each other. Copyright © Rachana Dhaka

गुरुवार, 29 दिसंबर 2011


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