Why this is so ????????

why this is so ? i can’t get it at times………. i donno why, may be i’m wrong but i can’t understant it, why people have a predecided opinion about every thing and every body, why they don’t think about every new thing they see or each person they meet? its okay that it’ll take time and most of the time we say (and that’s true as well) that our life is too small to learn from our own experiences so better to learn from others’ experiences, thats reality but still i think that we can’t judge every thing like thiis at least in case of those important things which are going to make or mar our life and in case of those people who are very close to our life, we should give them some time to think about them from the very begning. i donno what i’m gonna write here whether i’m able to say what i wanted to say or not but i know it very well that i’m very much confused if you people can help me to come out of it then i’ll be thankful to you all:). so yaa i was telling that what i feel is that we can’t judge every body with the things we have overheard, and can’t comment on that basis as they might think differently.for example if you love India that doesn’t mean that even if you are dying but its must for you to see the world cup match, what i feel is that there is nothing to show in such things rather what is important is to do rather than commenting on others. i won’t say or feel that watching match is bad but you must cheer up from the bottom of your heart and that too for the whole of your life, and not only to cricketors but to every body who is doing or wanna do something for our country. if one is doing the same then i’ll respect him/her from the bottom of my heart, but if today one is watching all the matches (for entertainment and show off) and tomorrow s/he is caught fighting for an absurd reason of north India – south India or is feeling shame in calling her/himself an Indian or ruining the Indian historical places of monuments or doing something which is against Indian culture and so on, then what is the use of that one day spirit.actually i have overheard such comments yesterday from some people about some people and i felt bad because though they might or not be good friends but those who were saying so, i have seen them many times playing bad politics or manipulating things in their favour by whatever means and about those they were saying so were actually not so bad rather when ever i got chance to see them i always found them as the followers of truth and favouring the national spirit but due to some or the other reason they were not watching the match with us.So what i feel is that its not a big deal not to wtch a match, we can’t blame them as they are not feeling proud of being Indians, they might be wishing in India’s favour by heart but might not have interest in cricket, that is their own perspective, we can’t comment like this on them, i feel that if we love our country honestly we must show it through out acts i.e. let out works/hands speak rather than mouth, and that too through out our life not only for a prticular event we are being too much crazy about things and the other moment we are fighting with another Indian on false reasons!!i think you’ll be able to get what i wanted to say and will post your opinions 🙂 waiting for the same!!

© Rachana Dhaka


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