Burning issues in Present India -1

India has been a country which has always attracted the world’s attention, mainly due to its talent, but also for some not good reasons. Recently India is going through a drastic change and threat to human rights has been the most prevalent thing in the nation, which was once a world Guru/ leader, is now at the worst state of chaos and violence.

Though, we cannot claim that there were no issues going on before, since our independence but still, the speed was very low and the communal harmony in the society was so strong and inbuilt that we could overcome all those events in the past, after our independence but we are not able to do that in the present times. Because our youth is not ready to think rationally and they are going to believe what is shown to them on the media or social media or what is told to them by the political parties, more because they are unemployed and the education we have got is not qualified enough to provide us the way to get a job worth it. And they are being paid by different political parties to run protest for them for which they do not have their own opinions, they are there to enchant the things given or to sought the slogans told to them, for which they are being paid.

I have no idea of the state of minds of these innocent guys who are being misused as part of the violent crowd to threaten their other fellow citizens just for the political gains, and are being preached in a way in which they do not have freedom to think openly and therefore they are not able to understand the practical realities of the present times. Also, the Government and the lost or broken opposition are too cruel towards the general public that in every state or local elections we have seen no solid issues like education/ health/ water/ food/ environment /women safety /unemployment /economic growth /quick justice, etc. rather we could just see the things like blaming each other for who has done how much worst to India and Indians, or who has been a greater destroyer of peace and coexisting culture of the nation etc. which are totally worthless issues to be talked about.

India, at present, is going through the most critical phase after its independence. It has so many things to talk about but everything is getting messed up, children are being murdered by negligence of the Government and doctors in many states, academic institutions are getting destroyed in every corner of the nation, all public property or heritage or public services are going in the private hands, fundamental rights are getting threatened every now and then, education is getting spoiled or polluted at every stage, food grains are getting rotten in a large number and people are dying of hunger, farmers are not being compensated and are being forced to die, world at large is alerting us for protection of basic human rights of the people of India, laws and constitution are getting amended as per the convenience of the parties, electoral process has become a joke of the day since people give referendum to one and the other rules the state, dirty politics is getting overpowered, country is burning everywhere, girls (from young to old age) are getting rapped every moment, criminals have no threat of law, justice is getting delayed or denied at every step, people are being killed in the name of caste to religion to gender, money of taxpayers is going in the hands of private parties, those who dare to raise some voice against the wrong are being killed or threatened to life, police is taking law into its hands more often than ever, communal violence is matter of every day, unemployment is no more an issue since that needs improvement in the basic education system and if that happens then all these games will not be played as the people will understand the reality and think rationale, forget about the black money now the Jan Dhan account holders are loosing even the pension money from the government, for proof of being alive your live presence is not accepted rather you will have to show a document, making of which will take Months and by that time people may leave making efforts or actually die, Identity Cards for indigenous people are similar to win the world war but Aadhar cards in the name of Gods are many times in the news, Islam or Hindutwa is always under threat but no one is bothered about the suicided farmers or murdered girls or killed children or trafficked human beings or organs, people are left to die out of hunger or lack of drinking water but the MPs must get subsidized food in the Parliament, corruption is too high to be in news these days, poverty, basic sanitation, illiteracy, pollution, infrastructure, cheap transport system, agricultural distress, rise in the global protectionism, etc are some issues which are real threats to our development and sustainability but we are no more concerned, rather we have just closed our eyes towards these things which have potential to ruin our future, and are just running in the rat race.

What we need to do now, is first stop and get out of the rat race and take a long breath, then open our eyes and see where are we in this chaos and noise being created around us, to fool and loot us, then need to take a stand against all this what is going on and stop it atleast now, to save the bright future of India.

Copyright © Rachana Dhaka

We are going to discuss about some of these issues in detail in the coming posts … take care friends… your opinions are most welcome 🙂


  1. From what you say, it sounds as if India is on the verge of revolution. But violence for the sake of violence achieves nothing. The French Revolution deteriorated into a reign of terror. Truly, the younger generation faces great challenges.

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    1. Actually… but there is a blame game most of the times and now since the most important elections (after general elections) Delhi elections are ahead the biased citizenship law has been brought and more people are being targeted to give protests a communal color and while doing so if they find that protest is not violent they create a fake crowd to join the protest and shout some slogans similar to that and then kill people or burn public properties (even police has done it sometimes). Unemployed people are hired for all this. And then they defame the protests 😦

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  2. Hello Rachana Dhaka,
    A great thought provoking article.
    Much of what you’ve written applies to my America.
    Children in elementary schools up to adults in universities getting their Doctorate degree are being “brainwashed” (indoctrinated) by teachers that want to replace our Constitution and destroy our country. Also the News media and other high profile people have joined in.
    We who love freedom and justice, are fighting back. I pray we are not too late.
    Keep up the good work.

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  3. I wish more were telling these stories of this world. People are suffering all over this world. So many people need help and the only way to help is to educate the world of the problems.

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  4. I was in India last year and felt the burden of all the issues you’ve mentioned. Travellers visiting seem to ignore these issues so they can follow selfish ideas of “enlightenment “. Varanasi and Agra are good examples I think, and New Delhi was also an eye opener to our perceptions. Bravo great blog!

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