Does education really make a difference?

Hello Friends!! I was just thinking of the fact whether education really makes a difference in a person’s life or not? Especially talking about the Indian education system since the British era, they have changed our system as per the Macaulay principles. Since then our education system is gradually degraded and slowly the cultural connection or value learning has become a day dream and now we can see that if the values are the same in two people the educated one is only as good as the uneducated one.

Actually I want to clarify here that we call education to the degree we gain though the word education also includes the value system, but I am using this word because it is only used in the general parlance. That doesn’t make us learn things like wisdom/empathy/compassion/conscious awareness etc.

Thankfully I have got the opportunity to observe the rural and urban lives in India and the Urban life in London as well and I could observe and understand people with long connection and interactions that how much is the impact of the higher education is on them, then I could find that there are very few people who have transformed inside out, but almost 98% people remained the same. In this majority of the people what changed was the few things like reduction of hesitation, they became a bit more presentable with the change of outer appearance and they became smarter in talks and they can get a job with the knowledge they gained but what about intelligence? No they are only as intelligent as they were without this education, and they have the same value system (good or bad) whatever they carried from before, means no change in their thought process.

Some of my friends have disappointed me a lot, as they were highly educated from the elite educational institutions of the world or India but they still follow the same old fashioned rituals, which try to show or satisfy their male chauvinism (Mardangi) or superiority over their wives or with the friends coming from rural background. They do it even if they do not have any basis or valid argument to support their statements, but this higher education is lacking to teach us the Human values ad also we are loosing the quest of learning, day by day. Every coming generation is having this rudeness or unnecessary arrogance to show, for no reason, and they give it a name of self respect which is ridiculous.

It is actually ridiculous to know that our foreign graduates are also too dumb to apply their minds on the practical situations rather they try to show themselves higher in knowledge to the others in their family only like their wife or even mother and in that race they even loose their family or relationship but they do not care and finally end up ruining their life. I do nor understand at times why especially males in my generations are too much frustrated that they do not care for even their lives and relations.

But anyways the thing I have found is that our value system always works better than the education system, to make a person a good human being therefore it is our responsibility to focus more on that, so that our kids do not go on the wrong paths in hte future and we do not have to regret in future that we trusted them as the educated lot and they are into the crime or any other thing now.

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Published by Rachana Dhaka

I am a law student, a resilient defender of Human Rights, a nomad who loves to know about different cultures and connect them for the better future of mankind and loves to talk to people through poetry or with some write ups. And best of all i love to motivate people and spread happiness around :)

20 thoughts on “Does education really make a difference?

  1. Academic geeky knowledge does not necessarily guarantee that those who possess it are capable of showing such qualities as wisdom, unselfish love, empathy, compassion, higher consciousness and all the other qualities that would make this world a better place…

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      1. that’s good , yeah do read there r many as i have 2sites.. its nit easy to read all at once so u may do it as per the time availability ,like i do at nights mostly

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