Girls!! You are born Brave!!

Dear Girls!!

Though, there is no gender superior or inferior but still the nature has its way to show what is there and it has been proved by the science that even if there are less chances of conceiving a child in a mother’s body and by chance the mother is very week too even in those circumstances the girl fetus will survive unless it has been aborted or there are no chances of any fetus to survive. And in the majority of the cases the girl child survives and gets a healthy birth without much complications in comparison to a male fetus.

Likewise the nature has given us more strength to bear both kind of pains whether physical or mental. Noooo!! it never meant that we are born to bear the pains imposed on us by the society or due to male chauvinism, we will have to definitely fight against that and be a rebel, because male are creatures who always have some animal kind of virtues (as the great Hindi Author Munshi Premchand has said), due to which he always tries to control things or people therefore, it always tries to prove that females are second gender and transgenders are third, but that is not true all the three genders have their certain assigned roles by the nature and for this very reason, we need not compare them at all. Rather i am saying here that nature has given more physical strength to male in one sense and to female in another. As we all know that Science has proved that it is really hard for any male to bear the pain a mother bears at the time of child birth and she also can bear it because she is mentally and emotionally so strong and that bond with the kind gives her more powers (may be).

Girls apart from all this you have been given the pain after the age of puberty which makes you live a life of anxiety for 15 days and normal for 15 days and the first half period of every month is really hard to be emotionally stable due to the hormonal changes, had it been the case with the male body as it is constructed at present, they would have gone mad, because ofcourse they also go through some body changes like us but those changes are not continuous on the flexible mode like ours.

Also girls bear a lot of emotional drama of the society in the name of the family pride or values, but no males want to be lectured in the same way, but you know in this also I can see a positive thing that they also trust us more than themselves that only we can bear this burden and that too of two families, and they themselves cannot do it at all. They always try to tie females into so many restrictions of rituals, fasts to make them weak, wear a kind of dress or keep long hair etc, are things through which they can physically control us but we need not be emotional and come into the trap of society. And use our strength to be strong and touch the sky of our dreams.

Girls have a dream and, live them, fulfill them and enjoy your life, rather than being an emotional fool under the social pressure, because there is a section of people which doesn’t want us to go ahead and the society puts ban on our minds to grow in this direction therefore they have separated even our toys, and stories to be told to learn values. But still there are males who are brave enough to understand this all and take all the headache of the society on their head and give us the way to go ahead and grab the opportunities and make us taste the taste of freedom and equality.

Finally i will say that you are born brave so never give up and support each other, if we will walk hand in hand, none can touch us.

Copyright © Rachana Dhaka


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