Look beyond the CAA outcry in India

Governments have always played this game since British era and we need to have it under control now by keeping sharp and smart eyes on it. This is high time when we need to look beyond the long time running controversies in our country, to understand the real things going beyond them.

These days India is burning on the issue of Citizenship but the thing is that neither the Government is clarifying nor the people out there are ready to read and understand it.

CAA per say is not anti constitutional but these are issues with NCR as we have discussed in the earlier post.

The actual thing going on is not about this citizenship cry actually, rather it has been made an issue because there are things going on behind the veil, i.e. this is the time of the year when most of the Government Job notifications are out and the biggest exam notification for the IAS exam are also due to come soon. Therefore, to divert the focus from all that and to play with the data available in this regard, this time we needed a big hue and cry to go on till the time these notifications are out and dates are gone, so that unemployment and other basic things like the issues of deaths of new born children in a large number and other basic facilities can go without much attention and the Delhi elections are also over in all this chaos.

This citizenship act cry seems to be a tiny issue in front of many other fundamental issues like this time only UPSC will have to notify 300 jobs less than last year i.e. for railways. Forget about the state exams. Then the Delhi elections will go under this noise and the issues of development and employment and education or health will go untouched in the rest of the India because everyone is focusing on the Citizenship thing now and not on the real issues. Even in the Citizenship thing refugees were always in the vulnerable situation and they say that they will accept people from particular religions in particular circumstances but what about the Hindus who are knows as indigenous tribes of India, who are saviors of out culture and natural resources?

I am worried about the fact that why are we so much concerned about the rest of the world or our neighbours and always negligent or ignorant about the issues of our own citizens. In this fight for citizenship the biggest loosers will neither be hindus nor be tribes rather they will be our own indigenous people who are already fighting for the documents since the day one of our independence.

And second biggest loosers will be out students who are not going to get sufficient vacancies to get accommodated, their hard work is not going to get paid for. 😦

Copyright © Rachana Dhaka


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