Just a ‘Thank you’ with a ‘Smile’ matters

Everyday when we are going out somewhere or walking on the streets or travelling through local public transport etc we meet some important people like the Road cleaner/the Postman/Driver/an elderly person passing by.

I have realised and experienced the joy of spreading smiles, because whenever I see any of them i just share a smile with them and say them thank you for the great service to the society, especially those who clean are doing great favours to our health and life as a whole, but we just miss to realise the importance consciously. If we start doing that and feeling grateful towards them then we will find that we will find the real happiness.

For us it may be just a word but for them it is something a lot, once we do it we will also start feeling the real happiness. They are so kind in doing so many favours to us and what they gain in return is just a very small amount in comparison to the service.

So friends I will just appeal to you that please do it, spread the happiness and receive it, believe me it is the real and the best joy you can ever find so easily, and it is something which will encourage them and make them feel good and same will happen with you as well.

Copyright © Rachana Dhaka


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