Human Rights???

I am not going into the factual details of evolution of it etc, rather want to talk as a lay man here, so that we can all understand and share opinions here. I want to talk about this word more because this is being heard more that in so many countries violation of Human Rights is in progress these days and even the fundamentalist governments are supporting the process somehow. The right to have opinions, t take breath, to have a say in the democracy, to speak up for our genuine demands, to respect the fellow beings, to question the authorities or the elected governments, everything comes under Human Rights, even the right against torture or death penalty comes under the same head. Same is the case with families where there is no respect for the opinions of females, or no financial or educational freedoms to them, it is clear cut violation of their basic Human Rights.

Human Rights is a term which is really simple as well as hard at the same time we know that Human Rights are Rights, by virtue of being born as a Human Being. They are there from the day even before our mothers have conceived us. Therefore, we can say that Human rights are fundamental to all other rights. Since other rights may have limitation of of application, as per the law of the land or withing the territory of the nation we are born in, But Human Rights are Universal in nature.

As we have discussed and as the Nobel Laureate Mr Lelson Mandela has said it is true and as fundamental to us that if they are denied means our human existence itself is under threat. Therefore it is not that the Governments can sanction or take away rather we have it being humans. The only exception to this is with a due process of law, when someone has broken any law. This is the only limitation, because it means that person has tried to take away someone else’s rights, which is not allowed to anyone at any cost.

If Human rights are respected in a sovereign state then only peace prevails otherwise someone or the other will have to raise voice against it.

Also we need to understand that humans are humans irrespective of their gender/caste/color/place of birth/the list is so long. Therefore any short of conscious (as we all see and accept) or unconscious violence (like domestic violence which is considered as a right of a man to beat her woman, i.e. in fact a false perception of the patriarchal societies). And we need to consciously come out of it.

Actually, if we want to grow up, we will have to grow together we cannot leave any section of the society thrown back into the dark dig and move on alone, since the nature had made us interdependent social creatures.

And understanding this becomes so hard some times when we are under the influence of the ideology of hatred, because then we try to be bossy over the people of so called lower section, i.e. due to the unnatural discriminatory traditions we follow where we differentiate people on the basis of caste/color/body built/beauty standards/ and so on. We are born innocent so try not to spread or absorb hatred or violence in any way, love yourself and love those around you, in all the possible ways and enjoy your life.

Copyright © Rachana Dhaka

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