“MARD” is this really painproof creature??

The term ‘Mard’ used here means Man. In India it is a negative impact of the bollywood in one movie there is a dialogue which says ‘Mard ko dard nahi hota’ means males do not feel pain or they do not cry. Those who were young during later 1980s had a great impact of this. This is not only the impact of movie rather that was the phase of the time which actually even made this movie a super-hit, which shows that the society was thinking on the same lines that time; that was the time when people from even the small areas were also getting influenced with the bollywood and also played role making the movie a hit or flop. This arrogance of being the angry young man was prevailing in the society and also influencing the cine-world. And this arrogant attitude in the real life has spoiled many families, as I have read in many news about suicide and broken families, because they refused to share their emotions with anyone as it was seen as sign of weakness if they cry or share their difficulties or any emotions with any one or especially the females then they were considered weak.

Same they have implanted in their kids as well, therefore those who are born in that era has also been influenced with the same attitude and unfortunately I have seen this situation also among the people around me, as they are in my generation, that they do not want to come out of this false egoist thing and therefore, many times they have committed suicide as well, because this is a human nature to share feelings and move on, they are social creatures if they do not do it they get frustrated and start torturing either to themselves or to the people around them. Many of them have committed domestic violence against their mothers or wives or have confined their wives or daughters within the four-walls of the house, where they have no right to share opinions and in this situation many have ended up with breaking their own family or indulged into drugs and all.

In my opinion the real man is a person who feels the pain of others, who respects women and their freedom as well. Those who show their superiority by showing the masculine power are mentally challenged people actually, as they are not able to live their life as it is rather are either worried of threat to their superiority from the other genders or being called weak if they share emotions and they do not understand that it is all part of being human, and keep on behaving against the nature.

Real man always respect the equality and freedom of women and never feel fear of being weak in sharing their feelings with the loved ones and they lead a happy life and relationship. They have more heart attacks, as the studies say, in want of sharing opinions. So guys you are also humans and feel the pain to enjoy the life no need to be angry young man, you are strong enough, and no natural behaviour can make you weak. It is okay to share the pain, it will rather make you strong to go through it. Nooooo human is painproof so enjoy your life with both pain and happiness. 🙂

Copyright © Rachana Dhaka


  1. In the Philippine culture the macho who projects himself outward as the Alpha male guy who is not supposed to feel any sort of feelings often ends up being henpecked by his wife. We are all emotional creatures and we all need to feel, cry and show how fundamentally weak we are. Those cultures where the macho is not supposed to cry or feel anything create dysfunctional families

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