About my work

rachana_dhaka or #रचना_ढाका

These are some pages from news or my well-wishers or there are some posts from my near and dear ones. They have been there online, since long, without me knowing it, I am sooooooooooo overwhelmed with the pious love they have poured on me.

Thanks to all of you for all this love and affection. I pray that “May you always be healthy and happy and live a long life so that I can get your love forever.”

Some of the links i can put here so that it can be easy to go through and support the cause we are working for, back in India. These works are continue for almost a decade and got a pause for time being for an year when my volunteers and I have to think of our careers and some delay due to marriages and transfers but we will soon revive it all, I hope this time we will be able to get even bigger support from all around the world for the welfare and education of tribal kids and for tree plantation in India (Rajasthan).

I also want to pursue my PhD on the related topic, and meanwhile revive the work again. If any of my readers can guide or help me for that it will be great.

Thanks for your love and support.




Images of Rachana Dhaka





          1. Press ”Reader” – that’s where you find the blogs you follow, me included. Press one of my posts, and you should arrive safely on my site. 🙂 I’ll be happy to receive you. Hugs!

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