स्त्री Woman -1

Please close your eyes, calm your mind and think what kind of a picture or thought comes into your mind. It will be majorly affected by your ideology or thought process. Some see their daughters/mothers/wives/sisters/friends/girl friends or some see them as a goddess or some see as slut or some see as rebellious women like Savitri bai fule or Indira gandhi or Rajiya sultan or Jhalkari bai or lakshmi bai etc ot some see them like a simple women walking to her work or at home. All others are fine but there is a problem with those who see them as slut of as goddess as both of them do not want to see them as humans, who have their own identity and have rights as any other fellow human being. And unfortunately we do not bother to question to those things which are part of our so called culture or social behaviour rather if someone try to do that our mind automatically favours the already established unfair practices as we find them unconsciously more comfortable to be with.

She is the one whose life is never easy, even if we say that this is the modern world and we do not treat her like this or that, this will be a white lie friends, because just have an honest observation and you will find that we still expect many unjust things from her and for those small small things she happily accepts to let her dreams go, so that our family can stay happy and healthy. But we cannot just say that she happily agreed, and let our responsibilities of her soul’s well being go away. Nooooo, we are duty bound to step into her shoes and see how much her feet are bleeding. She has kept herself quiet and we just say that everyone comes to the husband’s place and adjust and therefore there is nothing to give her a especial treatment, first thing is neither she wants nor she asks for that but for her it was the first time when she had to come to a new place and where everything is new, she has to leave every person or thing, she knew, behind and struggling here to adjust and you are still being heartless. Just imagine about you or your daughter in the same situation and your heart will come out to your mouth. So please be a bit extra sensitive, she also have dreams, not let them bury due to your lack of care.

If she is not earning in the hardcore social sense and just a home maker, then too she is making your house of stones a lovable home. Mind me that you can not feed our self while eating money rather she is the one who converts them into delicious food, comfortable bed and beautiful home with her love. She is the one who spends her dreams, happiness and herself to make your and your family’s life easy, so respect her as much as you can. She deserves it.

Copyright © Rachana Dhaka


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