India a Republic???

When every corner of the country is burning, Farmers are committing suicide, females are frightened, journalists who dare to speak are either killed or boycotted, Soldiers are dying more and more every single day even without war, people are being killed by the unidentified crowd since the day one of this elected government came into force, every step of this government has been questioned by the majority of youth and a large number of people, and the most perplex thing is that there is so much of outcry for every single step taken by this Government that majority of the citizens are not even able to decide what is going on around them?? and they are just quietly trying to move on somehow, but have no idea of which way to go and how??

All these things make us think are we still a democracy or autocracy/ anarchy/ totalitarian state, I am not able to decide it, actually, but I am sure that this is no more the Republic of India in its original spirit, in the real practical sense, which is mentioned in the Constitution of India. As the basic features of the constitution are tried to be ‘played with’ many times in last couple of years, and the voice of the People of India, has been tried to be suppressed many times.

This republic day, Laks of Indians were on roads to make their voices listen, it has been a game since the British era (and even before that the prose were sung in the praise of the kings or winners only) to change the History in favour of the rulling class or the elected people or parties, and this way they have tried to change the history, speed of which is quite higher these days. Now even the brightest Institute of the nation, JNU, has been ruined by changing the faculties and threatening the students in many ways, it was already happening with Institutions like TISS, Mumbai, where the liberal or rebellious kind of faculties, who were not ready to accept the wrong at any cost, were either thrown away during the semester gap of 2016 or their contracts were made temporary. By the time students came back from the field or the new batch came the time to protest was gone back. And many more Institutions’ inner democratic environment has been destroyed like this, silently.

Therefore, the obvious question comes that though our constitution still has the authority (and that is why we can still enjoy the right to question, irrespective of the fact that the rulers like it or not), but our right to question the authorities is being overheard and behind this outcry they are searching for the opportunities to change many more things without our knowledge, which our brothern on the roads with Tiranga, also need to focus on. But I am a bit happy that we are not just waking up only for a day to celebrate the republic day and sleep back rather we are awake now and we are standing up to save our constitution to protect our voices.

We the people of India are raising now to keep the Republic status of our beloved nation intact. Salute to those who are able to understand this drama and are raising their voices and request to those to join it, who have understood but not daring to come out and for the rest I can only pray that may they understand it soon, before the state of anarchy takes over our constitution and the sovereign status of the People of India.

It is High time when we need to think and raise voices against the wrongs.

Copyrigh: Rachana Dhaka


  1. There is hope in this post. When Benjamin Franklin was asked by a group of American citizens in 1787 what sort of government the delegates to the Constitutional Convention had created, he responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.”

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