Elected representatives are not the ‘Country’

Some of my innocent brothern have taken many of our questions wrongly because they are misunderstanding the king with the kingdom. My dear brothern or sisters or friends or respected elders or dear younger ones, I just want to clarify one doubt of ours today that when we talk about the elected representatives of ours or our respected elected Governments that does not mean that we are questioning the Nation or the Sovereignty of the Nation, No, Not at all, the nation is ours as well and we are aware citizens too and we too Love our nation the same extent as you do but the way to love is different. We are looking from the bottom and you are looking from the top. When we see the ground reality and then question some actions of our own government that does never mean that our loyalty with the nation can ever be questioned, never, because a person or a single citizen can only represent a nation but can never become a nation and for the sake of saving the good virtues and law of the land, we the people of India (or any republic or democratic country for that matter) always have the right to question it at the right time before it turns into anarchy.

Another thing we need to do is that all those who want to rule the country on their terms and have problems with the people’s say, they will first capture the media and then ruin the education system. If the voices are coming from different corners of the state and every decision of the elected representative brings a hue and cry every time, then we must awake from the deep sleep, un-follow the shouting media, go to the field and try to find out the reality, connect the dots after analysing the ground reality with your wisdom. Try and see the impact of policies at the ground before telling them as good or bad. Then only we can analyse the future of the nation, when everything is going to the PPP mode, Government agencies like Railways are sold out, when Heritage sites like Red Fort are given into the hands of the private players for nothing (as the burden of maintenance and many other things will still be on the pockets of the tax payers and the profits will be going into the pockets of the private players), the Governmet vacancies are gradually degrading, people are more unemployed, Economy is going down, educational institutions are turning into favourite playgrounds for the political parties (for whatsoever reason), journalists are being killed for speaking up, where there is no opposition, farmers are dying more, soldiers’ dead bodies are coming in the peace time, then we must, rather than arguing anything else, raise our eyebrows and open our eyes wide to read between the lines and get ready to open our minds.

At times we are emotionally attached to people we have chosen, because we have seen many failures earlier, doesn’t make these new people in power the better ones for the obvious reasons and if we miss to focus on this then we get into their trap and then they start playing with us emotionally and there we get cheated, without realising that in this emotional drama they have made us believe that they are the nation and then if anyone criticize them, we get hurt because we feel that they are criticizing our beloved nation.

So please friends do not get misled by mistaking the ruling person as the country itself. The world must learn from Hitler that Hitler was not Germany and we Indians must learn from our own history that “neither Indira was India nor Modi is India”. And come together for the growth of the nation as a whole, because even if we win the war of religion as the government shows us, but still I will say that this way we will never win as a nation.

Lets leave the ruler and remember the nation for our bright future!! Because Governments will come and go but the country will remain forever.

Copyright: Rachana Dhaka


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