हम न कहते थे?? : A Poem by Zannissar Akhtar

I want to post this here because it is actually sooo relevant to the present day situations of many big democracies of the world like India!!

This says that this land will bear murderers and the blood of martyrs will go in vain… as it is going right now… as our great freedom fighters have never dreamed of the India where people will fight to each other in the name of religion, nor our soldiers are there to save such people who are thrusty of each others’ blood for no reason. It again says that the humanity will die in this city one day when none will care for the dead bodies to take them for the last rituals and will himself also die on these lonely roads one day. When everyone’s eyes are burning in the hatred and the storm is just ready to come and take over everything… when people are not ready to be rationale and just ready to do or die for no reason.

The author is worried that how will all these new things which are destroying our culture will be adaptable by us and this garden will ruin one day… this is what is happening in our country these days, when the nation is burning in the name of religion, even during elections of the capital city, we are not discussing on the real issues rather the elected leaders are trying to provoke the people to die or kill in the name of religion and not to bother about education or water or food or development.

ज़मीं होगी किसी क़ातिल का दामाँ हम न कहते थे
अकारत जाएगा ख़ून-ए-शहीदाँ हम न कहते थे

इलाज-ए-चाक-ए-पैराहन हुआ तो इस तरह होगा
सिया जाएगा काँटों से गरेबाँ हम न कहते थे

तराने कुछ दिए लफ़्ज़ों में ख़ुद को क़ैद कर लेंगे
अजब अंदाज़ से फैलेगा ज़िंदाँ हम न कहते थे

कोई इतना न होगा लाश भी ले जा के दफ़ना दे
इन्हीं सड़कों पे मर जाएगा इंसाँ हम न कहते थे

नज़र लिपटी है शोलों में लहू तपता है आँखों में
उठा ही चाहता है कोई तूफ़ाँ हम न कहते थे

छलकते जाम में भीगी हुई आँखें उतर आईं
सताएगी किसी दिन याद-ए-याराँ हम न कहते थे

नई तहज़ीब कैसे लखनऊ को रास आएगी
उजड़ जाएगा ये शहर-ए-ग़ज़ालाँ हम न कहते थे

-जाँनिसार अख़्तर


  1. तराने कुछ दिए लफ़्ज़ों में ख़ुद को क़ैद कर लेंगे
    अजब अंदाज़ से फैलेगा ज़िंदाँ हम न कहते थे

    These lines are very touchy. Creates spark in the heart…

    If possible write something on the work of Nida fazli saab


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