हर एक बात पे कहते हो तुम- ग़ालिब on everything you say- by Ghalib

This is relevant even in the relationship of the Present day Government and the people asking questions and also applicable on the relationship where one person tries to dominate the other from all sides especially the husbands do under impression of Patriarchal set up, when they think of owning their wives.

It says that every time you say ‘who you are’? So the other says you only tell that ‘is this the way to talk’? Not even the fire or lightening has this kind of heat, can someone tell me what is this matter and what is this much of show off or ego is shown for?

When the cloths are sticking to my body with the blood, now what is the need to stitch them? Where the body is burnt the heart is also burnt, now what for you are searching the ashes? We are not fond of the blood running into veins, what kind of a blood is it if not coming through eyes?

There is no strength to talk now, and even if it is there is no hope left. He is a follower of the ruler otherwise there is none knows him. These are few questions which we can still ask or can fix on the present day political situation of the country when the government is shutting up people’s mouths without reason and only those are listened to who are talking in the language of the ruler.

हर एक बात पे कहते हो तुम कि ‘तू क्या है’
तुम्हीं कहो कि ये अंदाज़-ए-गुफ़्तगू[1] क्या है

न शो’ले[2] में ये करिश्मा न बर्क़[3] में ये अदा
कोई बताओ कि वो शोखे-तुंद-ख़ू[4] क्या है

ये रश्क है कि वो होता है हमसुख़न[5] तुमसे
वर्ना ख़ौफ़-ए-बद-आमोज़िए-अ़दू[6] क्या है

चिपक रहा है बदन पर लहू से पैराहन[7]
हमारी जैब को अब हाजत-ए-रफ़ू[8] क्या है

जला है जिस्म जहाँ, दिल भी जल गया होगा
कुरेदते हो जो अब राख, जुस्तजू[9] क्या है

रगों में दौड़ने-फिरने के हम नहीं क़ायल[10]
जब आँख ही से न टपका, तो फिर लहू क्या है

वो चीज़ जिसके लिये हमको हो बहिश्त[11] अज़ीज़[12]
सिवाए वादा-ए-गुल्फ़ाम-ए-मुश्कबू[13] क्या है

पियूँ शराब अगर ख़ुम[14] भी देख लूँ दो-चार
ये शीशा-ओ-क़दह-ओ-कूज़ा-ओ-सुबू[15] क्या है

रही न ताक़त-ए-गुफ़्तार[16] और अगर हो भी
तो किस उमीद[17] पे कहिए कि आरज़ू क्या है

हुआ है शह का मुसाहिब[18], फिरे है इतराता
वगर्ना शहर में “ग़ालिब” की आबरू[19] क्या है


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    1. If you do not mind … do you have connection with any such association of lawyers working on the issues of women or children in London as well… I would love to join them…. actually I tried to join two here but rather than working on the issues they were trying to do it as a business therefore now I want to join it with good people only.


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