Delhi Elections: BJP Agenda -1

Though you might find it worthless to talk about it since the biggest rulling party of India at present has no agenda for the development forget about the sustainable development and therefore I found it important that how people can be befooled and even after the rubbish is so clearly thrown on the faces of the common public, people can close their eyes and keep following them.

This is a warning sign for us for sure, since our ruling party at the center has no vision of its own except enchanting the name of Mr Modi, who himself do not know what to say or do except spreading hatred among people and loot them to fill the pockets of those private business houses who spent money to make them with the elections by buying the media houses to shout the fake news and show advertisements to misled the people of India.

And this is also the warning sign for the world as well because many countries of the world which are basically democracies but now turning into an anarchy due to the fascist leaders heading them. If we do not understand it now and try to collectively stop it, then it will be too late for the generations to come and we will always be considered as villains in the entire episode of this gruesome change as they will say that we knew it was wrong and we still let it happen. I really feel petty for those who are still following the fascist leaders as they are not going to spare anyone of us.

So I was telling that ahead of the Delhi Elections we have found that all the works, somehow, done by the present CM Mr Arvind Kejriwal are being counted by the BJP leaders as done by Mr Modi, the PM of India. or they are saying that he has done nothing and they can do miracles, though this is another story that the people in the other BJP ruling states are crying or regretting for their decision to vote for them.

to be continued….


          1. that’s great… yes it is true but one more truth is being trouble for the humanity , that is when politicians mix the state with religion and in the competition to spread their empire i.e. vote bank now… they try to mislead and the same is being done by many religious leaders who are actually away from spirituality in the real terms but they say religion is being spiritual and bot I find much different … i hope you understand what i wanna say… since i have mixed up many things!!


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