Delhi Elections: BJP Agenda -2

Now we come straight on the agenda issue… most of us were thinking some sensible outcome atleast at the time of the capital city elections, but it has proved itself as a totally hopeless party, breaking my heart entirely when I tried to analyse the things and connected the dots after listening to them or reading in news.

If you think that atleast the AAP Government has worked for education and health issues in last five years so that may be discussed, no point man because they have worked no where on this issue so how can they discuss this and even if they want to discuss it they have nothing to say or show, they have rather tried to stop AAP Government, or Mr Kejriwal, to work and at the center they kept on blaming the congress regime, that was already done in the last five years term but they still do not want to work and are blaming Late Nehru for everything, even now. Even if all of their blames I accept as true, then too I will say that they did not work good that is why the people of India rejected them and show their faith in you but you are again misusing them, the exploitation common men had faced in last five years is more than last seventy years together. Therefore what I understood, actually is that they want to keep the people uneducated so that they can later demolish the Mosques as it was told by one of the BJP candidates Mr Pravesh Verma says n one month he will demolish all of them on the public land. These people do not want educated and healthy people because such people will not get ready to do or die on their such statements.

Okay lets go on another issue that is of gross unemployment situation, will they try to provide some solution? no dear! they cannot do that otherwise how will they get the crowd for some token money to shout JAI SHREE RAM and kill people on their instructions and if they are employed then who will be part of the paid crowed to say modi- modi, to show that how much people love him. If people are able to use their potential skills then who will listen to these foolish sold out media houses and how will the minds get washed? Therefore they will not talk about this either, even for the sake of talking also. Rather they will employee these unemployed frustrated youth to beat people sitting at the Shaheen Bagh area to protest.

Now see the yet another issue which is most important to discuss in delhi i.e. women safety. No nO they will not take any such responsibility on their head, even though the law and order responsibility for delhi is already under the Centre ruling i.e. Home Ministry, but they are still blaming the poor Delhi Government for that, which has nothing much to do with police or safety. Even they dare to say it clearly that if BJP will not will the women of delhi will be raped at their homes and if Modi remains PM (though the elections are for CM, how ridiculous statements they are making out of fear of the works done by Kejriwal). The same Pravesh Verma says that if they loose elections PM and Home Minister of India will not take care for the security of women.

Any ways lets see another issue, if they want to discuss the downfalling economy?? no. They will not do as the Central Government’s minister for state Mr Anurag Thakur tried to provoke his followers to kill the protesters and BJP MP Mr Ramesh Vidhuri says the day they win elections they will beat the peopel on protest with shoes and remove them from Shaheen Bagh (the are of protest). Though now there are many such areas in every corner of India. So let the economy go down we do not care as far as our pockets are full this is their clear agenda.

This is what is the reality of this party. and now they want to burn the nation in this fire of hatred. Be aware you want the pen or paper from AAP or the gun from BJP. Choice is your and this is the case in many more democracies as well, so please learn from these incidents before you face the same as us. Reject the fascist Modi Government and BJP and choose a bright future for Delhi, Please!!


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