Ghalib- ahead of his times: ग़ालिब- वक़्त से आगे

As we have discussed in earlier post that Ghalib was a great person who was synthesis of Indian as well as Percian or outside cultures, same as we have cultural combination in India since ages and till the time we had that we were happily living together but now we need to save the cultural combination so that more Ghalibs can born in India because the moment we look for the concept of so called (misleading) purity, we loose the track, like we are at the verse of loosing it right now and threatening our democratic values every now and then. We can learn a lot from this person. But today we will see how his words are relevant even today.

है कहाँ तमन्ना का दूसरा क़दम या रब

हम ने दश्त-ए-इम्काँ को एक नक़्श-ए-पा पाया

means-“Oh Lord! Where is the next foot print of Human Mission? B’coz the sphere of possibility is equal to the one foot of the humanity.” It seems to be written when the man was thinking of going to the space. This kind of his thoughts or words make him relevant even today.

ईमाँ मुझे रोके है जो खींचे है मुझे कुफ़्र

काबा मिरे पीछे है कलीसा मिरे आगे

Qaba is the symbol of tradition or conservative attitude, which is behind him and tries to stop him and Kalisa meand the western or the modern thoughts are in front of him and influencing him. He was accepting the changes even in those times.

न था कुछ तो ख़ुदा था कुछ न होता तो ख़ुदा होता

डुबोया मुझ को होने ने न होता मैं तो क्या होता??

As Mr Javed Akhtar said once that this was a person who could only be in India, actually it is true if we look at the fact that this is the only nation in the world (originally, since long) where all the different short of cultures/ religions/ languages have co-existed and flourished together. This one and the next one quotes show that, because they are liberal about religions that too when the follower of some other religion in the same country is saying about the other religion, which may be difficult to do in any other country (though now it is not possible here too in the present circumstances in India).

As far as I could understand the above quote, because it seems to be simple but not so simple actually, it says God was there before me and will be there after me, (as per the tradition) and then questions the same that what would have been there if I (the creator of thought of God) even would not have been there??

जला है जिस्म जहाँ दिल भी जल गया होगा

कुरेदते हो जो अब राख जुस्तुजू क्या है??

Here he questions the problem of people with the help of the rituals of other faith. Problem is we first hurt someone and then try to find out the relation and in similar ways in some religions we burn the body and then we try to find out the remains. He questions them both saying that when the body is burnt the heart is burnt as well, what is the matter for what are you searching the ashes now?? Means what is the point of looking back when everything is destroyed by your own hands and we need to save things before hand like now we need to save India from burning in the name of religion.

Also the above lines are relevant on the worst situation like – about the farmers’ death and then then Governments set the inquiry commission and even if they find the reason they do not do anything to further prevent the incidents and they keep on searching the ashes. So their attitude is being questioned here even now. It seems as if he could predict the situation.

काबा किस मुँह से जाओगे ‘ग़ालिब’

शर्म तुम को मगर नहीं आती

He questions to the wrongdoers or the authorities as what face you will show to God? You never hesitate in committing wrongs?

He was too ahead of his times that he could not be understood by the people of those times rather he is most relevant even till date. These things I am doing is a little tribute to his work, by heart.

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