Jashn-e-Ghalib by Sahir Ludhiyanvi साहिर लुधियानवी का जश्न-ऐ-ग़ालिब

This words of Sahir Sahib says that when 21 years of our freedom are already gone, now we are trying to remember the forgotten legend. Where is his tomb and where was his home? these questions came into our minds now. For a century he was forgotten his tomb was waiting for the recognition, today the are overwhelmed with words of praise for him. He was related to Urdu but that does not matter, he was confused whether this is respect to him or a conspiracy? Then he says that in the cities where his voice was heard for years, there is no sign of Urdu now. After our independence, this language has been called as anti national. Then the author asks that why those leaders who tried to destroy the language are now shading tears for the people who are no more, when Ghalib is known for Urdu writing then why Urdu is destroyed and Ghalib is respected? Then he replies that this all hue and cry is for the power, as they have done big blunders which cannot be covered therefore they just want this noise to hide the reality, this is all a drama to befool people. Then he welcomes the occasion but says that remember that we are aware of the truth and the fact is that we are guilty of Gandhi and Ghalib both and also follower of both, in the eyes of law.

इक्कीस बरस गुज़रे आजादी-ऐ-क़ामिल को
तब जा के कहीं हमको ग़ालिब का ख्याल आया
तुरबत है कहाँ उसकी, मसकन था कहाँ उसका
अब अपने सुखन परवर ज़हनों में सवाल आया

सौ साल से जो तुरबत चादर को तरसती थी
अब उसपे अक़ीदत के फूलों की नुमाईश है
उर्दू के ताल्लुक से कुछ भेद नहीं खुलता
ये जश्न ये हंगामा, ख़िदमत है के साजिश है

जिन शहरों में गूंजी थी ग़ालिब की नवा बरसों
उन शहरों में अब उर्दू बेनाम-ओ-निशाँ ठहरी
आज़ादी-ऐ-क़ामिल का एलान हुआ जिस दिन
मातूब ज़ुबां ठहरी, गद्दार ज़ुबां ठहरी

जिस अहद-ऐ-सियासत ने ये ज़िन्दा ज़ुबां कुचली
उस अहद-ऐ-सियासत को मरहूमों का ग़म क्यों है
ग़ालिब जिसे कहते हैं उर्दू का ही शायर था
उर्दू पे सितम ढा कर ग़ालिब पे करम क्यों है

ये जश्न ये हंगामा दिलचस्प खिलोने हैं
कुछ लोगों की कोशिश है, कुछ लोग बहल जाएँ
जो वाद-ऐ-फ़रदा पर अब टल नहीं सकते हैं
मुमकिन है के कुछ अरसा इस जश्न पे टल जाएँ

ये जश्न मुबारक हो, पर ये भी सदाक़त है
हम लोग हकीक़त के अहसास से आरी हैं
गाँधी हो के ग़ालिब हो, इंसाफ़ की नजरों में
हम दोनों के क़ातिल हैं, दोनों के पुजारी हैं

Published by Rachana Dhaka

I am a law student, a resilient defender of Human Rights, a nomad who loves to know about different cultures and connect them for the better future of mankind and loves to talk to people through poetry or with some write ups. And best of all i love to motivate people and spread happiness around :)

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