News Paper: Rahat Indori अखबार की बात : राहत इन्दोरी

He was born on Jan 1st, 1950, in Indore and has been professor of Urdu in Indore University. He has written songs for many bollywood movies and many books.

He talks about the present day situations even today, there are very few who can dare do that.

हर हकीकत को मेरी, खाक समझने वाले
मैं तेरी नींद उड़ाने के लिए काफी हूँ

एक अख़बार हूँ, औकात ही क्या मेरी
मगर शहर में आग लगाने के लिए काफी हूँ

Rahat Indauri Sahib once said the above written words and they are again still relevant in the present day situation, though he said on the positive note but the news papers are today proving it right, upside down.

The news paper says here to the people in power that though you do not understand my reality but I am enough to disturb your sleep, because I am a news paper and though not much outreach but still I have the potential to burn the city. And today they are actually burning the entire nation by publishing or showing the fabricated or one sided stories.

Then he says the following lines, which exactly fits the present day situation-

He says that be respectful and friendly to the criminals because you never know who becomes part of the Government tomorrow, if you will not do that then any day your life may be in the news as an accident and what is not there will also come in the news as truth.

Salute to this amazing person, who dare to write all this.


  1. “तेरा लिखा मुझे ऐसी ‘राहत’ देता है, हर बात बाद सोचता हूँ, ये मैंने क्यों नहीं लिखा”, मैंने राहत इंदौरी जी के लिये लिखा था…

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      1. जब हम ऐसे महान कवियों औऱ शायरों को पढ़ते हैं, तो उनकी छाया तो प्रभाव करेगी ही, है न!!!

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  2. Thank you for introducing me to this author. Unfortunately, I am limited to English, so must rely on Google to translate for me. I wish you, by the way, much success in the legal field. I can say from 25 years of experience that the law is challenging field, but well worth the effort.

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind words ,,, if you want any Hindi or people’s urdu to be translated I can do that for you at my level. And nice to know that you are from the Law background… 25 yrs experience… I have a lot to learn from you!! Keep guiding please.

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      1. You are very kind. When I first became a lawyer, there were very few women in the profession. We were looked on w/ a mixture of surprise, confusion, and hostility. I wrote about those early days in a post called “Progress” at The world has changed since then, though not as much as I might have hoped. Expect to face some degree of bias. But do not give up. I am sure you will make a difference in the lives of your clients.

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