अशफ़ाकउल्ला ख़ां Ashfaq Ullah Khan: Indian Freedom Fighter

Hello friends!!

I want to make you meet such an astonishing person who was one of the young heroes of Indian freedom struggle, He was friend of Sardar Bhagat Singh, though these guys have a lot of roles to play at the ground level and I find them back bone of Gandhi but they were not lucky enough to get the fame they actually deserved.

But, I think the real heroes are those who work at the ground level others are having lesser contribution and unless we cherish their efforts we cannot learn a lot of things, we need to.

He is my another all time favourite, one he was a freedom fighter and two he had been a great poet, stealing my heart with every word. And I believe once you will meet him through his words and works, you will fall in love for him as well.

Early days

He was born in Shahjahanpur, North western provinces of British India on Oct 22nd, 1900 and at school days only he started taking interest in the activities related to freedom struggles. In 1920, Gandhiji launched Non-Cooperation Movement against the British rule in the country but then in 1922 after the Chaura Chauri Incident (violence in the police station) he withdraw from the same and this was the time when many young people did not like it because behind this was said to be the conspiracy of the rulers to make it violent and force Gandhi to take it back. And the youth felt helpless and depressed including Ashfaq and they became part of the so called extremists movement and formed an organisation like Hindustan Socialist Republican Association, founded on 1924 with an aim to oppose the British agenda every way possible and bring revolution for free India, if needed they could use arms as well.

Kakori Train Robbery

They needed some money and arms to create some threats in the mind of the British officers so that they could hear them so they met in August 1925 and decided to loot a Government treasory, which was going to be used to kill innocent India people so why not kill the killers (this was the thought behind I believe). Final meeting was on 8th and on 9th August Ashfaq and other revolutionary minds like Ram Prasad Bismil, Rajendra Lahiri, Roshan Singh, Sachindra Bakshi, Chandrashekhar Azad, Keshob, Banwari Lal, Manmanthan etc joined the act of stopping and looting the train at the place named Kakori, 10 miles away in the north west of Lucknow province. Around a month or some more time around 40 people were arrested and main Bismil was arrested first on the 26th of september and Ashfaq was at the end, almost 10 months later than the incident when he wanted to pursue engineering abroad and a friend of him betrayed and informed the police. Around 29 of them were put on the trial before the Special Magistrate’s court, Lucknow, UP, India. Ashfaq was detained in the Faizabad jail, his broter Riyasatullah Khan is said to be his legal counsel. The trial ended and Final decision came on April 06th, 1927. Sentence was executed on Dec 19th, 1927. Ashfaq along with Bismil, Lahiri and Roshan Singh was given death sentence and other were punished with life sentences. Azad remained untouched and then he took his life after the encounter with the Police in Allahabad in Feb, 1931.

There is a move on the life of these revolutionaries (there may be more but I know only this) Rang De Basanti (2006), which depicts their love for the motherland and pious thoughts for the people of India.

Long Live Revolution (Inqalaab Zindabad!!)

Views are personal and Source of Information is many books read during child hood though all this might also be available on internet as well.


  1. शाहिर ने कहा था ‘…ये दुनिया अगर मिलभी जाए तो क्या हैं’ मैं कहता हूं ‘ये दुनिया अगर मिट भीजाये तो क्या है?’. it is an unjust world.

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