गोपालदास नीरज: जितना कम सामान रहेगा Gopal Das Neeraj: the less burden you carry

English translation follows

जितना कम सामान रहेगा

उतना सफ़र आसान रहेगा

जितनी भारी गठरी होगी

उतना तू हैरान रहेगा

उस से मिलना ना-मुम्किन है

जब तक ख़ुद का ध्यान रहेगा

हाथ मिलें और दिल न मिलें

ऐसे में नुक़सान रहेगा

जब तक मंदिर और मस्जिद हैं

मुश्किल में इंसान रहेगा

‘नीरज’ तू कल यहाँ न होगा

उस का गीत विधान रहेगा

Here he talks about life, religion and society and says that the less burden yiu carry that may be of feelings or of hatred or religion or any tension or anything, the more smooth will be the way (of life). The heavier the burden is the harder the life will be. You cannot be one with the almighty till the time you think of self. If you just try to shake hands without meeting of hearts, that is worthless and a loss. Till the time there are temples or mosques, human is always into trouble. Even if you are not here tomorrow, this truth will remain.


      1. Kindness is one of the tenets of my religion. I try to be kind in everything I do. It’s not easy, but it’s not a burden either. I guess your poet referred to fanatics when he associated religion with a burden.

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