माँ Mother – कवि भूपेंद्र Kavi Bhupendra

He is from Bhilwara, Rajasthan and writes about the current social issues.

He says about mother that


I used to hide under the corner of your saree

I want to hide but how to do that now?

The pains of the entire world puzzles me

I want to say something but how?

You have gone while leaving me alone

How to call you back now?

My eyes have become desert dry now

Tears are there but how to cry

I want to hug you but how

You are far away, how to bring you near

I have lot of dreams to be with you

But how to get you back my mother

Your songs are still heard in my years

But how to sing them, I don’t find the words

My Mother please keep your blessings with me

I can never forget your Love ever

I have got courage from you at every step of my life

But how to bring that courage now?

God would not have been God, Had you not told me

You are my prayer why to go to some other place for worship.

Translation by Rachana Dhaka

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