That bike ride with him <3

This was the day of their pre-wedding photo shoot, two days before the wedding. The exercise of clicking pics was already over, they have not yet had any conversation, except telling to each other to be calm and smile for the pose and not to hesitate.

They were both getting too hesitate in talking to each other, as they were meeting for the first time after they came to know each other , a little bit, in the conversation only on the phone since last two years. It seems to be a long journey for two years but staying away and only a few minutes conversation only for a day or two in a week does not make much difference.

Though they have become comfortable in talking on phone but it was a totally different feeling while meeting and holding hands for the first time ever in life (of the opposite sex) for both of them.

But they still wanted to spend some more time with each other but it was dark by now, therefore no time, and the to be bride was to ride the bike on the deserted way for some distance. Hence, the to be groom thought of a lovely solution for both the problems that was to ride the bike with her. It was to her great surprise, she was happy but a bit uncomfortable, that how will she ride it with him, before marriage, as almost every normal Indian girl thinks which comes from the places where this practice is followed this way only.

She was quite good in riding bike in last two years but this was the time when she felt that she is going to ride it for the first time in life. He was happy to do that. She was happy too but was not able to realise that she is actually going to go with him and will be having charge as well.

Both were excited, but her heart started beating fast and she was worried about what if the bike slips and both of them get hurt, what will happen to their marriage :(. On the way, at times, her hands were fumbling, when he was trying to talk to her. On the one hand she was fearing and on the other hand she was on the seventh sky of happiness.

Then she dropped her to the main market and left for home, the dark highway was over now. Both of them were happy. She was continuously thanking him for the lovely surprise, which she could have never thought of and that too on this fateful day. This kept giving her goosebumps in joy for many days to come and the blush on her face. 🙂

Life seemed to be beautiful with him, she was dreaming that her dreams are going to get feathers with him, but none knows what happened later that all her feathers were tried to be cut by the same person, in the name of certain rituals in the name of his family pride and male ego :(.

Copy right: Rachana Dhaka

Photo credit- Internet (imaginary)


    1. They are but they guy treats her very badly… she is just not able to come out of her love emotions… and the guy took her to other country and asking her to feed herself. Let us see what she decides… then will further write!!


  1. Good effort.
    Nice story of an average Indian girl, though I believe the end as written is changing, albeit slowly.
    Loved this line: She__was not able to realise that she is actually going to go with him and will be having charge as well! specially the last portion: “will be having charge as well!” speaks so much of the position of girls in our society presently.

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    1. True… she was too innocent to trust him… when she shared it with us n the day of her marriage her eyes were wet with love but now he is just treating her as animal and male ego is so much that he does not even talk to her because she just said that she wants to work and not sit at home 😦


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