A Shocking Surprise- The Pre-wedding Photo-shoot

It may seem to you a bit different or unbelievable but this is the reality for many.

Only three days left for their marriage and there was not even imagination of any pre-wedding photo-shoot in her mind, one because this was not the part of village culture till then, and two because even if they try to plan (as he said he wanted to meet and she too wanted the same, as every couple is excited before marriage just to see once, but even that was cancelled because his family declined), his family will never accept that.


It was all something beyond surprise for her and even beyond her imagination, as his brothers decided that they will do it for him, even if the elderly were not ready, so it was a secret plan among brothers and she had no clue of it, till these brothers have already started from their village to visit the decided place near her town. And she started laughing, saying that why are these guys making fun with her, as none can trust that it could ever happen, but then he made her believe that they were actually coming.

But… What??

She was in the bus already going to the city to collect her wedding dress. Which is far from even her town. And all the family members were already busy with the things and she was the only one free but all her stuff and shopping or anything else was her responsibility therefore going back right now was not an option.

Anyways, she collected her stuff and went back home and came with two three suits tied up on the back seat of her bike. By this time it was already almost dust, the photo-shoot was done in this light only and rest was under the big Halogen lights. The love birds, who were eager to meet were now hesitating to even look at each other. When the photographer asked them to hold the hands, their hands were trembling already and rather than having any expression of love they were in the state of shock. But gradually they created the lifetime memories together and caged them in the lively pictures forever. God bless them!!

Copyright: Rachana Dhaka

(Photo is just symbolic from net)

Published by Rachana Dhaka

I am a law student, a resilient defender of Human Rights, a nomad who loves to know about different cultures and connect them for the better future of mankind and loves to talk to people through poetry or with some write ups. And best of all i love to motivate people and spread happiness around :)

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