Wife and Money!!

Yes I know that some of my readers are taking it as it is shown in the jokes (which are mostly against the females and try to defame their dignity, by making fun of every serious thing) and this lie has been part of the people’s life that many of them have started thinking that wives are only after money but my dear friends (if you are thinking like that) it is not the case always and it can be the other way around as well and some of my dear readers are curious know what is going to be there?? and why??

Well friends! I will not keep you curious for longer and going to say the facts from her life. Both are well educated and he is earning good enough to feed two of them and send the sufficient amount of money at home as well even though they do not use that as other brothers are also earning.

But the problem is when she asks to go out with him (just nearby in the same city, not a foreign tour) or to go for higher studies (with reasonable and affordable fee) or asks for medicines or green vegetables (which are costlier than the potato) or for check up, then he becomes too poor to imagine and starts fighting with her saying that he has no money to throw.

I wonder how and why she is bearing this kind of a psycho but when I had a talk with her I found that she loved him too much to come out of t now. 😦

what to do?? this is all the game of emotions. One has no emotions to show love for her and only cares for money and the other is totally opposite, too attached to him that she is bearing the blood tears every day.

After shifting to this new city this was only the third time when he agreed to go out with her, and she was too excited to imagine because he asked her to get out with him and she just got ready without asking him where were they going and why?? Because she did not want to spoil her mood knowing that he never want to tell his wife all that so she was excited to reach there and see where they were heading to and why. They finally reached to the destination and this was a food festival for the promotion of their food items but there were too much of chocolate in majority of items and she does not like it due to allergy. Now he was continuously enjoying (the free food) it but she was hungry.

Here what a normal human will do? Obviously get his wife something purchased which she can eat. But rather than asking when she requests him the same then he starts fighting and to save his money he just left the place :(, leaving her alone in the dark, away from home, she was searching the entire premises to find him at the end but he was no where. Finally when all were gone she left as well and somehow reaches to the house (I am writing it this way because home is the place where love for the humans exist and not so much for money.) she found him sleeping peacefully.

I wounder how can one be this hard hearted that you will not only deny the wife (who is dependent on you, even if not so you could not deny) just for food rather leaves her at a stranger place among strangers. On the one hand you want the veil to be put on and on the other you will leave her in the market like this. I do not know what kids of education this guy has got and where??

On the other hand this wife has been the one who has always (since her marriage) fulfilled the demands of her family members, got things ready when ever they have asked for it from her own earned money but this guy had first made her leave her job and now she has to go hungry half the times or she has to work as a house keeper to feed herself, even though she is well educated and he as well but he does not want her to go ahead for him and on the other he is forcing her to do the domestic work of others to feed herself.

I have no words for such a sadistic person. May the girl be saved.

Please save your family and cherish your true relations rather than money, money is important but not at the cost of your loved ones. The one who has left her home and loved ones can never die for your money, she needs your time and love and food. Rest she will give you only. Please respect and love your wife.

Published by Rachana Dhaka

I am a law student, a resilient defender of Human Rights, a nomad who loves to know about different cultures and connect them for the better future of mankind and loves to talk to people through poetry or with some write ups. And best of all i love to motivate people and spread happiness around :)

11 thoughts on “Wife and Money!!

  1. Simply heartbreaking! Obviously he doesn’t love her at all. And I wonder how can she love him?!!! I think she loves the idea of being married and hates the idea of divorce.

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  2. I think that deep down inside she feels that she has a duty towards the wows she took when she married him. She was raised to believe that family is everything and she should endure anything to preserve it. I agree that family is important and I’m often upset that the Westerners divorce so easily. But the guy in question took some wows when he married as well, right? Is he keeping his wows? I think not, unless he wowed he’d treat her as a slave, feed her when he likes, put her in danger whenever, and disrespect her with every chance. Am I too harsh? I don’t want to upset your friend further if she reads this. In the end, what do I know?

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    1. Yeas she reads it but she wanted me to write so she wont mind… actually she said you are right… even I feel you are right but her feelings of love are still not letting her go out and also some of her family obligations!! 😦


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