Naughty little birds

There are two little birds shown in the picture. They are too naughty to be described. Both came to lighten my home three years back within just two months of gap. Grown together but very different. One in yellow pants (call Y now-onwards) used to be most quiet when started speaking, but now the most talkative family member. The other one in blue (call B now-onwards) had been quite expressive by trying to explain in words everything earlier but now quiet. But both are really naughty. You may be wondering that why am I not letting their gender disclosed here. Because I do not want their behaviour to be connected with the behaviour, as kids are always kids and I love them and I know you all too love them as they are :).

Y lets none talk now, in front of Y you are not allowed to speak up and you will get all the reasons to be quiet and listen :D. B is now quiet but started dancing more :D. Y sleeps in the day and B in the evening and one or the other keeps the home awake all the times with their squeals. Their mothers are not able to sleep, that is truly torture on these pious souls 😦 but rest of the family enjoying their presence and the big family has big contribution in making them more naughty because all of us want to play with these little birds as other kids are quite grown up by now. So every one tries to make them learn new things every day and they do it in their own style, that’s actually heaven-some to be with them. OMG they have too much to talk if not then too much to cry, I still do not understand what kids do and why 🙂 but they are all lovely, whether they are kids of human of animal.

At the same time, I believe, that we have a lot to learn from them like questioning everything, trying to learn new things, asking anything they do not know and trying things to do in a new way, forgiving people, too innocent to show ego, trying to understand the logic behind things, they do exercise without anyone telling them which doctors ask us many times later, they talk, they walk, they breath, they sing in a particular which we do wrongly once we are grown up. I want to learn from them and be a kid again. ❤


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