कदम मिलाकर चलना होगा Atal Bihari Vajpayi

The former Pm of India Mr Atal Bihari was a great person as well as poet. He had written many amazing poems, and out of those one of my favourites is this one in the picture taken from internet–

I will try to translate it and communicate the meaning as much as I can

He said–

Clouds of storm may come there

May be there is fire under your feet

Light may strike on your heads

You will have to live happily

Burning the fire with your hands

You will have to walk together

In times of sadness-laughter, during storms

During uncountable immortal martyrdom

Within gardens, or at bare lands

During times of honor or dishonor

With high head, big chest

You will have to grow in pain

You will have to walk together

During days or during lights

At the costs, within the middle of the sea

Within gross hatred, in the love of your kid

On instant success, long term failure

Hundreds of attractive dreams of life

Will have to get melted

You will have to walk together

Immortal path of goal is in front of you

Ancient progress, how tireless is the end

Beautiful laughter, how hooked is hard work

Failure, success is all have same desire

Do not ask for anything after giving everything

You will have to be pious to get the shape

You will have to walk together

The life is decorated with Kush thorns

Youth is deprived of sharp love

Flower garden is vocal with quietness

Our heart and body is devoted for the service of others

The life has to burn with hundreds of sacrifices

It will have to burn, it will have to melt

You will have to walk together

Translation– Rachana Dhaka


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