The Coronavirus in India!!

Yes!! Dear friends!! Your have read it correctly, it is a Big Coronavirus which has attacked the heart of India recently and it is even more dangerous than the once which came from China.

Why is it more dangerous?

Because, the one born in China is just taking the lives of the people affected with it but!!! what we see is that the one born and spreading out in India with the fastest speed these days is not only taking the lives of those affected with it rather also of those who are not at all affected with it till the last breath.

Yeah, I know you have got it right.

This is the biggest addiction ever created for the human world, this is no where natural rather total artificial and sold out for free.

Yes, you are correct, this is the Coronavirus of religion which is killing people in the name of religion, taking lives of people trying to report it and show the truth, even the Journalists have to show their identity cards with the surname sharma or shukla or what not if they do not show ID either they are beaten up or made to loose their pants to chaeck which religion they actually follow. And then the goons decide whether to kill them or leave them. Some of them first beat and then as the religion or the caste.

Where there are Hindus and Muslims it is spreading in the name of religion and where there are only Hindus it is spreading in the name of caste Sawarn or Dalit.

Another reason which makes it dangerous is that to kill the one in China Governments of the entire world have joined hands and they will find the solution or vaccine to end it, doctors are helping the patients but for the one in India even the Government at the heart is not ready to end it rather it is adding fuel to the fire and even those who are trying to make peace are getting threatened to life, and the doctors (the Police and courts here) is also not ready to help the victims.

The one in China has not threatened to the generations to come but the one in India had done that and the kids who have seen all this will always bear the burden of this and they may be the carriers of tomorrow and those teenagers who have been alread trained by the perpetrators of the violence just for a token money, who are ready to kill or die in the name of religion have no way to go back as their minds have been criminalized, and there is no wonder that if they are infamous, tomorrow, for being serial killers or found committing any other horrifying crimes, as their thought process has been forcefully curbed and turned into one direction only from where they cannot see the way to turn back or to get the bird’s eye view.

One in China is just killing a person and the one in India is spoiling their employment, threatening their faith in peace, ruining their entire family and property or possessions and looting them in any way possible. The streets are full of stones and other ruined stuff and no way to the ambulance (most of the victims are not getting relief or treatment) many of them do not even know how to start their lives from the scratch, as they are full of fear and in shock and the entire earning of their life has been burnt out to ashes.

The perpetrators of the China one are also under threat but the perpetrators of India one are far beyond the threat rather just sitting in the AC rooms and eating sweets enjoying it with great fun, as they have played with the minds of people and those who are killing or getting killed are none to them, they are all poor people who following their instructions in need of some money and now they d not even know what they are dong is wrong.

The one in China needed no training but the one in India needed training to do all this and carry blood into their eyes to see the blood around them.

The one in China do not see who is getting affected and that shouts no slogans or names before attack, also that is not backed by any Government but the one in India first try to see that followers of a particular faith must be hit and then those who try to defend them and also chanting Jai Sri Ram before attack and then getting supported by the big ruling parties.

The one in China do not compell any one do anything before death but the one in India has also been found that its doctors (Police) asks them to sing the National Anthem while they are lying on the road, which is actually disrespect to the National Anthem itself.

The one in China dose not get spread through the Social media but the one in India does and it first kills the rationale minds and then to the people in front of them.

The only big and greatest similarity in the two is that yes people are coming ahead to save the humanity in both even without caring for their own lives at times. That is a great sign and more of us need to show these examples, and also take care of their own safety so that humanity can be saved.

Friends Delhi now is not in the position to afford more thekind of slogans which turned into violence like “desh ke gaddaro ko goli maro sali ko’, as was chanted yesterday at the CP, first thing we need to understand that it has been wrongly projected, how come people of India (from particular religion) can be declared Gaddar based on religion and then we need to spread peace like many Angels have tried to do, we need to support their spirit and help those who have been devastated so that they can come out of this fear and shock and can start their lives once again, and earn their livelihood as before.

Friends this incident has ruined many and it has potential not only to affect those who are victims of the violence rather it is also setting up a wrong example for the generations to come and therefore, if we will not stop it today, tomorrow our generations will come up and ask us the question and they may also get polluted reasons to go on the same path shown by the present goons leading the nation at present. Please break your silence and come ahead atleast now to bring the peace back, to save any further devastation.

Hope you will come ahead to save the Humanity and set the right example for the next generation!!

Copyright: Rachana Dhaka

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