“The Teacher”: Mr Sultan Singh: An Inspiration -2

Well so we will today talk about his journey ahead. After being the university topper he got selected for being the Physical Education Teacher. Many of his students have played in National Events and some in International Events as well, but then, as happens in many cases in India, if a village man is able to get his students from village ahead of others then people, who do not have the capability, will try to pull him down and the same politics was played against his students, which disheartened him as well, also Government was not supporting that much to the sports-persons now in getting the job. Therefore, he started focusing more on the studies of these poor kids. As we all know that the kids of only needy ones go to the Government schools, rest all go to the Private (so called English medium, though even there none teaches in English). And he was first posted (for longer time) to a backward Muslim village, Jajod, from where very few students used to come to the School. Now he started a mission to bring kids to the school from their homes, every morning and started living in the school itself so that in the evening he can go and talk to their family members and in the morning he can bring them to school. If you go to this village now and take his name in front of any person above 30 years of age, they will all tell you his stories of connecting the village to their own village school. After that he has a record that in whichever school he was posted students had full attendance and the school results were at their best during that period

. He arranged for fundamental facilities for students like clean toilets, table -chair, uniform, bus fair for those coming from other villages, and also free tuition classes for the needy ones and many times he made arrangements for the needy kids to stay near the school where they had exam center, so that they do not get late for the exams and fr their food during those days, most of this was done by his own salary and things like table chair and fan are at times taken from the donors as well. Now he has his students spread out at many places of not only India but also the world and when they meet him or talk about him, we can always see the same amount or more of respect which they used to do in their school days. They are so grateful to him saying that “had he not been there to guide or scold them, they would not have been at the position where they are today, or they have been involved into different illegal activities, but his motivation worked and they could study and now on the right track”. These words for a teacher are really not less than a trophy.

Then comes his another face, that is of a tree planter…In the above picture you can see the playground of a Govt school, this is Seth Sri Bholaram Government Senior Secondary School, Basni, Laxmangarh, which is the same school in which he studied till fifth and then he put a lot of efforts to get it upgraded till 10th long back and in 2018, it got upgraded till 12th standard with Arts and Science faculty, only because of his efforts. The trees you can see on the ground are all planted by him. He is also known as the Tree Teacher or Pedo wale Guruji… The teacher who plants trees. Because by now he has planted more than 10,000 (yes ten thousand) trees from his own earnings and around 2-3000 have been destroyed by the villagers who were jealous of him or due to the weather conditions or by the animals. But around 7,000 (more than 500 are planted this year so may not be in the news papers) are big trees giving shelter to birds and feeding animals. He has planted trees in Schools, public paths to many villages, graveyards of Hindus (Shamshan) and Muslims (Kabristan), Temple and Mosque premises, railway stations and the grazing lands around Cowshelters (Gaushala), and other public places available in the villages or cities, with due permission. Many of them you can see in the following pictures and read the news. These pictures also have more works done by him, please read the caption with photographs.

This School is his village school and the trees in the picture are all planted by Mr Singh, the students you can see sitting in front are all there due to his efforts otherwise five years back only around fifty kids were coming but now they are almost ten times more and due to his motivation some of the villagers are paying for the transport facilities of these students, as government schools do not provide transport facility, they do provide some cycles to the girl students after 8th but not before and not to all. Then he managed from some donors to donate for their furniture and computer lab and filter water tank; and from Government he got funds for science lab, library and classrooms. Now, this school can compete with any private school. Also villagers are aware now so no teacher dare to come late or go early or sleep in the classroom.
New graveyard in his village, Basni, 100 trees planted this year, now he is protecting them from harsh winters and animals at his personal cost.
The trees along the road at both sides are planted by him while bringing water pots on his head during summers and winters both, two decades back and now they have become big trees. This Road, you can see, connects his village with the nearby town named Laxmangarh (Sikar) i.e. four kilometers away from the village. He put his soul to get this road to his village back in 1983 and it is still that strong, though now half of it has been broken due to sewerage line and the new one has already got big holes in it. But the corruption has increased now and he needs more political s well as financial strength to get it done now, but his fight is still on.
This news says that he has been planting trees for more than last three decades and also has made arrangements for the studies of poor school kids many times and still arranges for summer or winter vacation classes for the students coming to study in his village Govt School. He is now spending his Pension money on these trees and he has never let his earnings be used for his kids rather only his wife is bearing that responsibility. He believes that there is no more pious work than planting trees and that task is complete only when you plat them and after that you also bear the responsibility to protect them from harsh weather or animals while growing, otherwise no point of just planting for the name sake and living them to die.
The villagers and the staff are gathered together here to discuss the issues coming up for the school kids. This was the meeting held by Mr Singh for the removal of illegal occupation of the School premises by some mischievous villagers. He tries to take the opinions of village fellows and teachers before any decision for the village school and for the benefit of village, though then he has to walk alone and also with opposition most of the times but still he tries to give the villagers opportunity to be part of the journey for the development of their village.
This is the Banjara Basti (Banjara is name of one of the Nomadic Tribal Community in India, mostly found in Rajasthan) These are the community members whom he got settled in late 1970s and then got land rights / documents in 1991. This all I know because I have worked here with the same community under his guidance, otherwise my entry in the community would have been really difficult. Though now they are able to understand the politics of the area and decide what is right or wrong for them but the elderly (as visible in the pic) like to take the decisions after discussing things with him only, so if any officer or politician have to meet them then they do not meet unless their Guruji gets to know about it, though he does not want to interfere in their lives much so he leaves all the final decisions on them but it is all their love and the effect of his hard work and fights for protecting their rights.
Here is Mr Singh at a Night Meeting organised by the Sikar District Administration, at the Village headquarter. In front are the District Collector or Magistrate and the Sub-Divisional Magistrate, while he is representing his village for the up-gradation of the Government School and removal of the illegal constructions on the School premises.
Here i got the opportunity to visit and work at his work place and Nice Banjara Community. When he first got these people at this place and was fighting for their right to settle down at one place during early 1980s, the entire village of him, including his own brothers, boycotted him, but he still fought for them and won the case in their favour and get them documents, now we are trying to get more for the new arrivals and the next generation an those documents are said to be non transferable.
He is meeting with the De-notified Tribe family (Bwari Pariwar), to motivate their kids to go to school, as they are most afraid people in the locality due to the practice of un-touch-ability (which is unfortunately still part of the Indian Society). He is fighting hard against that.
This news is about the above mentioned Government School of his village, which is considered as ideal school by the Government because of so many, above-mentioned) facilities provided there and the number of students. It says that Mr Sultan Singh had got written to the Prime Minister’s Office and Chief Minister’s Office as well and has received orders from the Chief Secretory of the then Govt of Rajasthan but still the corrupt officers have not removed the encroachment from the School Premises.
This news says that He finally got success in the struggle and the District Administration ordered the local administration strictly after the pressure from PMO and CMO, so they had to take action and help the School Administration to remove the encroachments and start the construction in the School premises for the new rooms for students and a Library.
Mr Singh with his Banjara Fellows while the District and Local Administrative Officers visited the Community to discuss the issue of their land rights.
During the Survey for their land rights : Mr Singh at the Basti/Settlement with his Banjara Friends. And I was there teaching the kids that time.

I think this post has become too long now so we can discuss the rest of his works in the yet another and final post with his videos.

Thank you so very much my dear friends for visiting and reading my blog… I just want to make these unknown heros known to the world at large… if you can also repost or write about them it will be great.

Thank you so much again!!

See you in the part 3


  1. Namaste 💚 If every human being would do that our planet would be better and safe. Peace to you and to your family. I’ll share this podt so all people can learn how to help our Earth 😉

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  2. I have truly enjoyed this and do plan to share it with the teachers and principals that I work with. It is refreshing to read about someone who is passionate about providing a high quality education and not being afraid to put his own hand to the plow to make it happen. It has made even me reflect and feel motivated to motivate the students and teachers I work with each day. I will definitely share continue to share Mr. Singh’s story ❤️ it is funny, I actually had a science professor in college with the last name Singh. Thank you again for sharing RD!

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