“The Teacher”: Mr Sultan Singh: An Inspiration -3 …… His dream project – in the Video

Tree plantation is the major work of his life, then comes fighting the cases (though he is not an advocate but he pays the fees on their behalf because the legal aid lawyers are of no use, they either do not want to work or they lack skills) of De-notified Tribe people (whom none want to support as they are considered born criminals since the British ruled India, that time they were part of the Criminal Tribes Act. At times they are denied to take even drinking water from the Public well or Government tank of the village and they have no place to stay. Mr Singh has got five of these families also, settled near the big Banjara settlement but even they do not like these people. What to do? Everytime Guruji has t find the mid way, now after a decade they are co-existing. But at times their camels get die due to lower electricity wires or their donkeys are stolen by villagers and Guruji has to come in to fight the case against electricity department or to get them back from villagers so villagers are still having enmity against this pious soul. But he is following the spirit of Live and Let Live.

Birds’ place where every morning birds are feed and water is filled in the pot visible on its wall.. This is made near the Veterinary hospital.

At times when he tried to stop the Head teacher of the school from letting the gamblers or goons of the nearby village, enter into the premises and disturb the girl students, then Mr Singh was attempted to be killed in the late 1990s. But with the good wishes of those whom he helped, I believe, helped him and he is still alive and kicking and working with the same spirit at this age of 65 as well. He is still a young kid and have a long way to go, I wish a long healthy and happy life for him. After this he worked for the poor kids’ Education and related arrangements. Then he worked for the development of his own village in many ways which you will see now. It started with the construction of those School Rooms and then the Road, then four big water tanks from the Government, at all four corners of the village which supply water to event the remotest houses in the fields of the village and then the tree plantation then comes the Veterinary Hospital, for which money was sanctioned from the Government but that was not enough for the solid construction therefore he contributed from his salary and this way he has been contributing in every Government work in the village, single handedly.

Though I have the old pic but this Govt primary school was constructed in the Banjara community settlement, with the efforts of Mr Singh, now it has got new construction, new water tank withing the premises and pipeline connected to the washrooms and boundary wall constructed around the premises so that students can use the clean sand to play during recess.
In this picture you can see him showing the trees planted at both sides of the way outside Eidgah (Mosque)), connecting it with the near by State Highway, around one kilometer from here.
These trees are inside the boundary of biggest Eidgah (Mosque) premises at Laxmangarh town, they are providing shadow now, planted by Mr Singh.

He has got Government works to his village like Satat Shiksha Kendra i.e. the Center for Continuous Education, Government Shops, Government Upper Primary Girls’ School, Veterinary Hospital, Road, Community Center, water tanks and connection to every household, electricity connection to every house hold (small power house is there in his small village), etc and in every construction he put his salary to either lift its floor up to save it from water accumulation around it or to make its roof strong enough to last longer or to put better material to make it stronger. After knowing about his works, I feel Bad at times, that he had worked so much and in so many areas, without any recognition whereas there are people who have received Padma Sri or other National Awards for the works less than him even any one of areas. He deserves much more recognition. But, he never feels like this and just says that “I am doing my work honestly without any expectation and I am happy to see that the new generation of my village do not have to go through the days I had gone through just in want of money, they have free school, uniform, books and every facility at school, a trend Nurse visits to our village every day, road, electricity and water everything is there and no one is dying of hunger since he is their to help and also Government is providing food grains at cheaper rates to the poor families.” Now he has the only wish that is to complete the Hospital for which he had already started the construction, the milestone for which had been seven feet under the ground and it is two and a half feet broader for the outer walls and two feet for the inner walls. It is too solid that even after around 20 years of construction it is standing as it was, till eight feet above the ground. I wish his this dream gets fulfilled soon.

These are trees, planted by Mr Singh, you can see inside and outside the premises of veterinary hospital in his village, which is serving the animals of farmers of a dozen of villages around.

This is the road connecting Banjara Basti to Mr Singh’s Village and you can see the trees within the settlement and around it and at both sides of the road, planted by Mr Singh.

These are trees planted at the Village’s Cow grazing land, and around the Govt School Playground.

These are trees planted by Mr Singh, outside the Powerhouse and the space created for birds feeding.

These trees have been planted by Mr Singh within the boundary of the Upper primary Girls’ Govt School in his village. This Building and land allotment was sanctioned by the Govt with his efforts but then during construction he had to put a lot of money to make it last long. We villagers, really salute him for everything he did for us. (though some are jealous too, for the reason that he could do so much even after coming from the poorest families of the village but they did could not even after being far far richer than him, but they still do not want to give a single penny for their village). I believe we need to learn a ot from such people.

These trees are planted by Mr Singh outside the Government Girls’ School premises.

These are trees planted by Mr Singh at both side of the Road connecting his Village to the other Village.

This is the Satat Shiksha Kendra (Continuous Education Centre) and trees planted outside. Constructed in 1999 but the building is still standing strong because he contributed for the good material to be used in every Government building in his village, even if he had to put (mostly) from his own pocket. And leaving wife alone to struggle to take care of his kids, since he wanted to take care of the future generation of his entire village.

This is the primary health center of the village where a Nurse sits and helps the people from nearby villages as well, for primary health check-up and suggestions. It is all result of his efforts otherwise it is hard to get all these things in a small village.

Here you can see a almost hundred years old Banyan tree (India’s National Tree) planted by a Saint from the village and now Mr Singh did the construction around it to protect it from soil erosion and also for the passers by to sit down and have some water (The nearby room is a Pyau or water house for passers by) from the nearby water room where pots are kept with cool water during summers, any one can take and have water from there. This was also constructed by Mr Singh with help of one donor.

Trees planted by Mr Singh in the Govt Sr Sec School, Laxmangarh during his posting here, so that kids do not have to burn under the sun during any function in the school. And the rooms behind were constructed by him with some donation from other donors from the town, so that kids do not have to sit outside, along with the things like furniture, fan etc inside.

This is the First Public Tube Well in the village brought around tree decades ago by Mr Singh again. And behind this you can see the thick trees planted like a small forest. Those are all by Mr Singh, some of them were planted even before this tube-well, when he used to take water from the nearby houses and water these trees with a pot carrying on his head and then he started the task with help of this tube-well, thankfully.

Other side of the small forest created by Mr Singh in his Village.

Mr Singh Pointing towards his small forest at the cow grazing ground (with due permission), even on the hottest summer days in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, you will not find this place hot due to these trees. There are more than 2000 trees together at this single place. It was a great struggle for him because they were so many together and many times villagers came at night and destroyed the trees, either uprooted them or broken the roots or took the cloths away from the trees during winters. But he quietly brought another and put them back till they reached out of reach of the animals. Now he is happy to see them when they are on their own. All green and smiling with him, while saluting him with the wind.

You can see the pious soul behind these trees who is single handedly trying to save our environment without any recognition till date, I request you to spread a work about his efforts world wide to give him the due credit. See how many cows or other animals are grazing and relaxing here during summers and thousands of birds or other smalls animals are breeding and taking shelter here.

I really salute him and tank him to be there to be inspiration for us!!

Most important thing I want to tell you that this family has sacrificed too much that Husband was a Senior Teacher and Wife was a Govt School Principal and now she is an Education Officer but they only used some part of their money for their daily life and for education of their kids, rest was all used for all these trees and education of poor kids and therefore they were and are still dwelling into rented house. Constructed only two rooms, somehow, in their village for their daughter’s marriage last year. Best part was that their daughter was married without dowry.

Here other buildings you can see in the pictures with description below but the main focus is the Half Constructed Hospital Building, since last two decades, which is Mr Singh’s Dream Project and waiting for funds till date. If any one wants to connect with him can email at sahyogfoundation05@gmail.com

Thank you so very much for being there!!


  1. It is amazing when wealthy people are jealous of the poor. That should require them to truly examine themselves. I love how he is 65 and still working diligently to complete the hospital in the village, along with maintaining all he has built thus far. Often times I hear teachers wanting a salary raise, while he and his wife are donating a great part of their salary. Their stories definitely deserve to be recognized, and shared ❤️✨

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