मौत से ठन गयी It was death I faced: A.B. Vajpayee अटल बिहारी वाजपेयी

I was not eager to fight back.

Neither was ready to meet at any turn.

But there it stopped, stopping my path.

It seemed it was larger than life.

What is the life of death? not even two moments

Life is a continuum, but not these days

I have lived with the grandest vibes, why shouldn’t I die in peace

I will come back my dear, not afraid of a departure

You do not come, silently, in a tricky way

Attack straight from front, and then examine me

Unaware of death, this journey of life

Every evening id colorful, every night is a song

This is not the thing that there is no sorrow

There are no less pains of self and others

I have got so much of love from others

There is no complain from my own people

I have welcomed every challenge bravely

I have lightened up the dying lamps

Today is the heavy blind-shacking storm

The boat is just a guest in the arms of whirlpool

But still have the courage to overcome with this all

After looking at the attitude of storm, my eyebrows are straight.

It was death I faced.

Translation by Rachana Dhaka


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