Saint Kabir- 3

गुरु गोविन्द दोनों खड़े, काके लागूं पाँय ।
बलिहारी गुरु आपनो, गोविंद दियो बताय ॥
We generally get confused with things or making decisions but I will again say that he is never confused because he looks at everything with a natural logic and keeps everything so simple without taking much of unnecessary burden.
I find these two lines most important to understand.
Suppose if God and your teacher are both in front of you whose feet you will touch first (as per Indian culture we touch feet of our elderly when we meet them first or after a long time). This question makes us either confused or tends to say God first but he clearly says that if there are both of them in front of me I will not think that who is first rather will first go to the teacher and then to the God BECAUSE Teacher is the means through which I could find the God and God is the destination.
This makes me follow him more because it is true that to achieve our ultimate goal we will have to choose our journey or path very carefully, otherwise we may get lost on the way. In other words the means is more important to be hold strongly and understood carefully and then we will reach to the destination for sure.

माला फेरत जुग भया, फिरा न मन का फेर ।
कर का मन का डार दें, मन का मनका फेर ॥
Kabir sees everything in our life so simply that he is always clear what is good and what is not, he actually, for me, never tries to confine his thought process and therefore never have any prejudices. Therefore, I find the best way to live life is Kabira way.
Here he says that the garland of pearls (this is used by many people to help them count as how many times they have enchanted the name of God- one garland thread of pearls is generally a round thread with 108 wood pieces or pearls or rudraksh) with wich you count and enchant the name of God is of no use because you have not washed out the prejudices of your mind and mala-fide views from your heart. Therefore, it will be better to through this garland from your hand and look at your heart, calculate your views and clean your mind, to lead a beautiful life.

जाति न पूछो साधु की, पूछि लीजिए ज्ञान ।
मोल करो तलवार का, पड़ा रहन दो म्यान ॥
I really love this basic understanding of Kabira about everything in life, He just takes it all so easy and says it without burden and I find no offence in that but still people do that… Please take Kabira easy and you will understand him well and love it… once you start thinking like him you will find that it is not a person rather KABIRA IS A WAY OF LIFE at it’s best…And belive me you will find your life easier and lighter.
Here Kabira says in the above two lines that
Do not ask the caste of a Saint, rather just take the knowledge from him. Because his caste is of no use for us rather his understanding for life is.
As it is the Sword that has value and need be evaluated and not its cover and that should be ignored (similarly the caste of a Saint does not matter, it is the wisdom he carries inside is truly of value.
I understand these lines in a way that the Saint is valuable therefore do not try to confine them in the boundaries like caste.


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