Saint Kabir- 4

यह तन कांचा कुंभ है, चोट चह दिस खाय।
एकहिं गुरू के नाम बिन, जदि तदि परलय जाय।।

This body is just like a clay pot, which keep on getting hurt, or pain or sorrows or many emotional phases

The only fault is that you are not having a Guru(teacher) to show you the right path, and in want of the right direction and knowledge, this life gets wasted like anything without Guru.

He really gives importance to Guru, the person who can show us the right path and then only we can overcome with the emotional connections and dramas in our lives, which we have to go through due to our worldly attachments.

In the similar way he talks about Guru and again says that

सब धरती कागद करूं, लिखनी सब बनराय।
सात समुद्र का मसि करूं, गुरू गुण लिखा न जाय।।

means even if I use the Earth as paper, all trees/woods as pen and

Seven oceans as ink, the value or importance of Guru cannot be written entirely

Therefore respect the teacher and follow his guidelines to understand the universe and nature so that you can lead a meaningful life.

आब गया आदर गया, नैनन गया सनेह।
यह तीनों तबही गये, जबहिं कहा कछु देह।।

The dignity is gone, respect is gone, and the love from the eyes is gone

These three are gone at the moment when you begged for something.

So whosoever is in front of you, you need not beg, whether it is God or someone else, otherwise nothing is left in you, just submit yourself to the God and ask for nothing, do your work and you will get whatever is necessary.

कागा काको धन हरै, कोयल काको देत।
मीठा शब्द सुनाय के, जग अपनो करि लेत।।

The crow is not snatching anyone’s wealth, cuckoo is not giving anyone

But still she steals the hearts of everyone with just some sweet words

यह तन कांचा कुंभ है, लिया फिरै थे साथ।
टपका लागा फुटि गया, कछू न आया हाथ।।

This body is like a clay pot, which you keep carrying along with ego

once a stone will hurt it will all be gone and you will be empty handed

Here he wants to say that what for yo have the ego, this life s going to end soon, that is the ultimate truth and once that is gone all your accumulations are going to stay back here only, so live freely.

करता था तो क्यौं रहा, अब करि क्यौं पछताय।
बोवै पेड़ बबूल का, आम कहां ते खाय।।

When you were involved in bad things then why didn’t you stop and if you did not stop that time then why are you regretting now?

Once you have planted thorns then how can you expect mangoes now?

That means whatsoever kind of works you do, you will get the results accordingly, you can make or mar your life as per your doings and efforts.

कबीर माया मोहिनी, सब जग छाला छानि।
कोइ एक साधू ऊबरा, तोड़ी कुल की कानि।।

He says that this world is so attractive, that the entire world gets cheated with it

There is rarely ant Saint/pious souls who can get rid of his ego and stay away from it

माली आवत देखि के, कलियां करे पुकार।
फूली फूली चुन लई, काल हमारी बार।।

He says that while seeing the Gardner coming buds are crying

Because he has plunked the flowers and tomorrow is their turn

That means death is the ultimate truth, we need not make it a big deal rather we must focus on our present and do as much good as possible.


  1. Bahut axa didi ji, I’m sorry but if u don’t mind… Kya aap bta sakti hain ki aap kya karti hain… Likhne ke alawan… Agr aap mera marg darshan karengi to mujhe axa lgega… Thanku didi

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