An Indian poet and freedom-fighter Ashafaq Ullah Khan

On the last night of his life, before going to kiss the gallows for the freedom of the nation, he was talking with his best friend and another freedom fighter Ram Prasad Bismil, with whom he lived and welcomed death for our free India. He said

I will go empty handed but this pain will go along that

Which day our beloved India will be called a free nation

Bismil is a Hindu and he says that he will come back, will come back,

Will come back my Mother India and will get you free

I also want to say the same but the boundaries of religion comes in

I follow Islam therefore have no concept of re-birth

But, if I will meet with the God anywhere then will spread my hands and

Ask only for another birth (to serve my Mother India), rather than asking for heavens.

This is what our beloved Ashfaq and his fellow brave freedom fighters used to be like.

He had a firm belief that How soever hard British Rulers may work to divide and rule India but we will be in-different and India will be a free country soon.

Same he says here that very soon these chains of slavery are going to break down and one day soon, you see that India will be a free Hindustan.

Here in the Picture Ashfaq says that

If you want to see us in the gallows do that, we announce it today

That we will make an army, with that blood of martyrs only

O mercy-less man, you have sent many of us to Andaman

We will call them back, once we get freedom

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