Qualities of a Good Diplomat

As we have seen that diplomacy needs communication, representation and negotiation and the basic of all this is a dialogue. Therefore, basic quality of a good Diplomat is that of a good communicator, who can hit when the iron is hot and for this he need to have patience, perseverance, and creative enough. At times it may seem otherwise to the people, but he will have to work for the long term relations and satisfy the people as well.

Apart from this there are many skills crucial to make him successful; s/he must have good networking with the other group or in the other country, good negotiator to influence the other party while compromising less, able to defend the interests of his nation, able to report and analyze the relevant foreign development and realities, to further continue the dialogue process on, even if the other side is ideological opposition or enemy of your nation. This is really difficult to know when to get involved into the dialogue and when to step back; the right balance is important. So, basically a Good diplomat must be

  1. a good agent of its Government to communicate authoritatively;
  2. an intelligent advocate of interests of its country with a vision, while showing empathy and ability to help the other country;
  3. a reporter with good memory, confidence, observation skills and gracefully adapt the alien cultures with ease of association with many;
  4. a counselor of its own Government to show that s/he can work selflessly to protect the interests of its nation/group, knowledge of the relation with other country/group and their history and policy making process, ability to allow others to take the credit of success; and
  5. a steward of their people’s interest at a foreign land, along with having knowledge of commerce and finance, military science, laws, and diplomatic practices.

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