Why this “EGO” comes in relations?

I really want to find it out friends, but I do not really know why does it comes in between the relations of care and love. 😦

I have seen many cases where the wife submits herself to the husband entirely, but still H tries to show her some authority, as if he is possessing her, And the day W starts speaking, his male ego comes in more and he just cannot digest it at all. Here, in this story Mr H is quite cool in front the entire world outside his room but really cruel inside the room. Though he never hit his wife but time and again tries to exploit her, financially, and mentally. But any ways it is also a kind of harassment and part of domestic violence :(.

W wanted to talk to H but H is just showing attitude all the times. They are not in talking terms since their marriage, she tries to talk, share her opinions, know his views, but there is no reply of anything. Now W became quiet for last 3 months and H has no access to even physical relations, now he got worried and he wanted that, for the first time since their relationship of four years, he begged her pardon and told that all his arguments were rubbish and he feels really sorry. She was said and she knew why it was all happening but still she was happy that atleast he gave importance to the relation more than his ego for the first time in his life. For the next one week, she never met with tears, which she always had to for last two or more years. She was thanking to God and also to Corona, that because of fear of this virus he had to stay at home, work from home, so he had none else than W, around him, in the name of human being. Therefore W was though quite happy but suspicious as well, because when his mood changes nobody knows.

Now, this unfateful day came yesterday, when she just saw him asking current GK questions from his brothers and kids in the family, and she thought he will be happy to talk to her on these issues. Hence she tried to ask him about the news of the day, but the reply was not much surprising for her “You have the same access to the internet and you can read as well”. Finished. So this was the end of every thing again. Now till the late night he was just watching the funny videos and all, which he shared with W also, in last one week, but now all of a sudden he separated himself.

Neither W understands that nor could I do that. Why and where from it came all of a sudden and there is no reason for anything under the sky ever for what he has to say to W.

Now friends you people can share your opinions as to why do people have such attitude and why do they have to behave so strangely?? That too with their wife and none else.

Wife is the only person with whom a husband shares everything, then why not emotions, fears, weaknesses, and opinions?? This will make her happy and once she is happy being with him, he will also be happy for sure, I believe.

Because Human Being, being Social Creatures, are bound to need atleast one such person in their lives with whom they can share all sorrows and happiness of their life and on whose shoulder they can cry if needed and can they can actually be shadows for each other and they can actually protect each others’ back. But the base for all these things is the mutual understanding, which is a must.

I wish this and what my readers have to say, reaches to Mr H and he can try to understand it, rather than behaving like a psycho.


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