Message through Corona Epidemic

(Before I start I want to make it clear that I being an Indian, am more familiar with India, and therefore I will be using more examples from India than the rest of the world, therefore please do not misunderstand me that it all is happening only in India, rather all similar things are happening in every corner of the world, we need to take care, everywhere.)

Please look at the pictures (taken from google) carefully, and think about it. These pictures talk about the reality and we need to understand it very clearly and without loosing much of the time… some of them are telling about the nature of nature and some are telling about the results of our carelessness and over-exploitation of resources or misuse of things like polythene or anything else… why have we snatched the earth from our fellow creatures and we do not want to share it with them, though the fact id that it is for us all…. anyways we will talk about it more at the end of this post but before that there are more important things to be noticed as well.

now nature is protecting itself from devil humans

It is neither funny nor something to be avoided. But still there is some other message the nature is trying to give us with every such problem at large. It is really hard to see so many people dying and more are dying due to ignorance at some stage and then they could not cure. People are loosing life, which is really dangerous. Many things are bad due to this epidemic. People are threatened unnecessarily due to the rumors being spread on internet through social media, or due to any kind of viral they are living in suspension, many are being ignorant due to the overconfidence that they cannot have any such thing and they are putting themselves and others life in danger. But, there are some things which are positive also because people are at home, so on the one hand they are spending quality time with their families away from the hustle-bustle of the daily rat race and on the other hand the number of international flights have been reduced largely, people are travelling less even locally, this is making the air cleaner by reducing the noise and air pollution, they are using minimum resources, people are adopting good habits of hygiene, eating healthy food to increase their protection power, this is making them healthier, less animals are getting killed, water bodies at many crowded picnic spots are getting cleaner and better for the water habitat animals and plants, Dolphins are visible more near the costs. And the most important part of this present time is that nature is telling us something and now since our minds are at peace, we must listen to that while we are still alive and have time in hand that nature always has the policy to balance, as we know there are so many civilizations buried beneath us, even the largest living beings like dinosaurs could not remain forever even though they were not spoiling the nature as much as we humans are doing.

we cannot afford it any more this is high time when we start doing our part atleast

We need to learn the lesson as soon as possible, the seasons have already shifted their time, climate change is showing us new faces every day like this time majority of north part of India is suffering with the hail-storm and majority of the crops have been destroyed, none knows whether the left our crops will be able to feed us or they will also be pray of any other hail storm in the coming days. But for all this only humans are responsible. And now it is really high time to understand that. Had this climate change not shifted the seasons, by now it would have been start of summers in countries like India where hail storms are again reduced the temperature and therefore it is locked down, and in that case we need not had to fear from any virus which has no existence in the comparatively hot weather.

truth of nature

This is actually an alarming situation, we need to understand that we do not possess this earth, we need to remember that we are just sharing this earth with other fellow creatures and I will say, for time being, forget about the next generation (about which we are more concerned everytime) we must forst think of sharing all the natural resources with the fellow creatures which are alive and kicking right now and we have snatched their part of natural resources, by killing them or limiting them just because they cannot directly claim it, but remember that nature knows how to baance everything and it has already started doing that.

how the cycle works

When we humans started mitigating the distance with animals and we have encroached their places and had more than the permissible interaction with them, it resulted into the epidemics like the one threatening us right now, with Covid-19. Now we can see it clearly that this small virus has the potential to kill us all and get the earth human free. Just have a look at the nature around you, you will learn that how many hills and trees we have eaten up for our construction purposes, how many animal species we have made engendered just for our enjoyment or by destroying their natural habitats for our convenience or comfort. Whereas the fact is that we had the solutions the other way as well but we became selfish and did not care for the balance of nature, now the nature itself is trying to do that and then we are all so afraid at the first stage only, think of the final stage.

effect of climate change

Why we humans have become so selfish?? Just think over it and I request you friends that we can atleast start making some efforts at our level and one day it will be a movement and everybody will join in. We just need to improve out daily life habits and we can do it. Please think about the following-– We can save water in many ways like using the hand washed shop water in the toilet or , we can save kitchen water in the garden or even by keeping the tap closed while we are rubbing the shop on hands or brushing our teeth, even by purchasing less number of cloths we can save lacks of tons of water because even one of our t-shirt or jeans spoils thousands of letters of water, we can save energy just by turning the lights off every tie we go out of the room or house, we can save electricity even by not having a centralised AC or heaters in the cold countries, this way we can use it in the room we need only, then we can save energy by putting a specific kind of bulbs like Led ones, then we can save fuel by using public transport more and not using personal cars without pooling unless really necessary, we can avoid using plastic, next one is really surprising and you may call it fully but we actually do not need so many cosmetic products to look beautiful rather I must say it attractive and not beautiful, because beauty is always natural, Girls we can save so many animals, lots of water, energy, time and many natural resources if the cosmetic industries are closed down. Another thing we can do is that we can reside in really small houses to save all short of resources. No No I am not suggesting to live like the primitive people used to be rather just suggesting that having more possession than the necessary is of no use, and we will really feel far better if we start living closure to the nature than trying to create comfort through any artificial luxuries, whatsoever it may be. And most important is that we all can plant and protect atleast five trees in our life time, even if we do two, that will also count, lets do what is in our hands, please!!

choice is yours

Likewise friends you can come up with many more amazing ideas, than mentioned here, and I would love to know them, please share here too.

most vulnerable to the impact of all the above things, who have not even contributed to it at all

Thank you so much for being there because we really need to take these lessons in the positive way and work upon them otherwise very soon we may be another dinosaurs.

Are we not responsible for all these pictures??????

Are we not going towards this way??

Nature is beautiful, please come together and do your part to save it right now, withlut waiting for others to do it.

otherwise this is where we have already lead our path to

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