Martyrs' Day!!

Yes today is Martyrs’ Day for me, because it was this date of 23rd March in 1931, when my favourite heroes had to kiss the gallows. Though, he wanted to spread a message through his trial and this punishment, which he, actually, did not deserve, but he got it, and the message was spread out but its speed was reduced due to some people under the spotlight who did not want it to happen, because if the message of these young freedom fighters would reach to the last person then who will follow those who wanted to be in power. Therefore, their documents like letters or some books have been destroyed, as some books claim it. But there are less evidences for those things which we can, though, understand by connecting some dots in the full big picture, therefore I do not want to create that long debate here.

But it is said that ideas can even travel to the places where even sunrays cannot. This is why the ideas of Shaheed (Martyr) Sardar Bhagat Singh and his fellows have reached to us. But we need to understand them in the real sense and not to just confine ourselves to the things said by some biased people. Like many people have told them the follower of violence, which I do not think so. Because had they been follower of violence they would not have killed just a few cruel people rather they would have behaved like terrorists, which they never did.

Rather they just blasted a small bomb, just to threaten the authorities and no intention to kill anyone. And then they decided to stay back and did not run away. That also shows that they just wanted to awake the people and authorities and not to create troubles or just attack people and get killed or something stupid.

They had chosen the way to get arrested, send message from jail and through their trial process, and therefore they have also decided to fight their own case so that they can convey their message properly.

They possessed a lot many great ideas at this young age of twenties, for which I really want to salute them. And their ideas still have the potential to guide the youth of the nation.


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