Time to pay for imbalance caused by Humans!!

There was a time when Human has started caging animals, torturing them, killing and eating them beyond limits as a result the balance of nature got threatened and today the time has come when those acts have proved fatal for us and Humans have been confined to their houses and only animals are visible outside.

And it has shown that the dirtiness we humans have created is getting cleaned automatically now, once they have stopped spoiling the nature. Nature has all the means to stay clean and healthy but we humans have not let it alone to do that rather just kept on creating all the shit and spread all short of diseases. In fact we have invited so many troubles like health issues due to different unhealthy food habits like fast food or uncooked food or unhealthy contact with animals and due to many other activities like removing the woods, or polluting air, water, land everything, overusing resources, misusing energy, water etc.

Now when we are confined to our homes, I must confess the fact that nature is able to breath and so much of pollution is getting reduced, I believe.

Now animals must be wondering while roaming on the streets, as where the humans have gone, whether the municipality people have taken them or what happened?? same as the following picture from net. 😀

Or they must be breathing without any threat like the following picture

So basically the matter of the fact is that though these pictures have been created for fun but they are actually revealing the cruel truth of the human activities.

We are responsible to cause this imbalance and bow we need to balance it before nature steps in and we become just helpless spectators.


  1. Very good. One of my two websites, Nature’s Best (naturesbest.home.blog) has this post on the front page because this post is very well the truth. यह मनुष्यों द्वारा उत्पन्न असंतुलन के लिए भुगतान करने का समय है!


  2. Unfortunately, human beings do not learn from our mistakes. Occasionally we go from one pandemic to another and this one has spread throughout the world. No country is going to escape this time. As you say, we continue to destroy nature due to our desire for profit and power. And for sure, when it’s over, we’ll be back to the same thing. His reflection is the closest thing to reality and makes it clear that he has a precise vision of what is happening to us. It is good to see that young people know how to understand what is happening to us. I am happy to read it and enjoy its intelligence. Greetings and take care.

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