Sardar Bhagat Singh Said!!

Not only because he has been my favourite hero, I am saying this, rather you can see why here. He was so clear in his mind and he actually possessed noble ideas with brilliant understanding of things at the ground level, due to which he actually deserves more attention, respect and recognition. Had his ideas been implemented in our country, the way e communicated them, our new generations would have been born with great scientific temperament and rationale thought process.

Yes he was right, many people tried to crush his ideas but it did not happen, because the sun will shine even through the darkest of clouds, clouds may come and go but Sun will keep shining always.

Long live Bhagat Singh (through his ideas)…. Inqalab Zindabad (Long Live Revolution)!!

In English it says–

His ideas were relevant that time as well as now, with the same force. If we can follow hin in the real sense, I mean without any reservations or prejudices, then we can really change the world and bring justice to the needy people.

We youth if can follow him then we can actually lead the nation to the shining stage.

He believed that revolution is not a path which leads you violence, Rather the ideas are fundamental to any revolution. And he did that.

That is why he said that he is mad to the extent that he never felt like confined even in the Jail, as his spirit was always free.

Really Salute to this Great Son of Mother India.

He further says the same thing here again, in explicit words. And he tried to spread rationale ideas, throughout his life, even through jail. Though, many of his jail documents were deliberately misplaced but even those which are available, are truly amazing and enough to understand the heights of his knowledge and analytical abilities.

I do not know how to describe this person, but he carried an aura around his personality, which is endless and will never die.


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