Doctors and Health workers: Heroes of the day!!

This kind of pictures we are seeing every-moment from each corner of the world. Last week we have seen how the doctor couple from Italy had passed away after saving 134 patients. Salute to them all, who are fighting, while putting their lives at risk, against this epidemic for saving the humanity. Humanity??


In fact this Covid-19 epidemic is threat to the Human existence, in case we fail to control it by any way, whether that is precaution or cure.

And in that fight these guys are at the front. They were not suffering with the disease but still they are there for those who are suspected or really suffering.


We really need to follow their instructions and stay back in isolation, as long as possible, till the time they give us the green signal or it is really urgent to come out for some basic things to live or for treatment.

And while being in isolation also we need to follow the instructions as suggested by our Governments or WHO or Doctors, rather than just blindly following those who are PhD in spreading rumors on the What’s App University or Social Media Platforms.

Many have said that just the 9 hours staying back at homes will kill all the coronavirus spread in the air or public places and after that in India they have come out in group, on roads, as we have seen on the Sunday evening, we were foolishly celebrating it as if we were there to see it off, and it will never come back.

There have emerged new scientists mainly I will say in India (as I know about it more), but I am sure there are many in the world at large who are there to say that if you enchant the name of God you will not suffer with any such problem.

Last week I was seeing one video from one of European countries (as I could see from the background and some sign boards, but do not know the exact place) where aa lady was standing out of one church and telling people by reading a poster saying that if you enchant the name of Jesus 101 times this way then you will be saved from Corona Attack, like wise one of our political leader in India was saying that we have 33 millian Gods or goddesses therefore it can never attack Indians, some have made people drink the cow urine to save from corona and people have actually fallen sick with that (though not corona ;P), then there are people saying that this is not a disease rather just another birth of God to punish the sinful people, some are saying that they have seen it in dreams and it will not effect to those who will do a particular worship in a particular way and blah blah… like wise some priest of a famous temple from Rajasthan had been said to speak in the voice of the Goddess, that open the gates of the temple so that she can protect its followers, despite the warning of isolation and orders of locking down all the places of worship or where ever people can gather, then he is said to ask people to eat some food (if you eat that while you have cold, you will get severe cough), as a remedy.

I am telling all these things because it is shocking to see this kind of foolishness in the age of science when people are planning to visit Moon and Mars, and we are just going backward.

It was great to observe the Sunday lock down but then where was the need to get plates and other stuff in hands and make noise pollution and gather on the roads in a large number, this shows our foolishness, that we have thrown water on the efforts to stay back for the entire day.

This had increased the tensions of our doctors and health workers, rather than giving them support.

Please support them by staying back home and following the safety measures told by the authentic sources like washing hands frequently, not to touch your mouth or nose or eyes, keeping your face covered when go out, use of sanitizer, reporting if you see any symptoms as per the Government released guidelines and staying away from people as far as possible, etc.

Salute to the helping hands again, may they stay safe and live long, please remember that they are working in really dangerous situations, many places in the world are such where they are not even having proper safety measures but still they are there on the duty, even by choice.


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