Touching lines…

If you love someone beyond limits, there are more chances to get cheated, because then some people start taking you for granted. So better to love in limits, except to your parents, because they only love you in every given situation, none else.

The reason was something else but he kept telling something else, they were considered own people therefore got the right to keep troubling.

Please never make fun of someone’s loneliness, since the crowd around is also with some selfish motive, I feel the one who is alone is in better position than the one in the illusion of the crowd, because nobody actually cares, just do your part and do help people if you can, rest all will remain here only and if you help someone your name will live long.

Those whom we consider our people, often make fun of our feelings, therefore be aware to give people that right, if you give then also be careful to take it back when people start taking it for granted.

Absolutely right. O human, who is going to give you support for life long??? None actually, as you can see that people change shoulders even during the last rituals while they are carrying you to the graveyard.

Because parents are gone that time who cared for you before themselves and rest world is not for you.

Those who are broken from within, become very strong. I feel because they are broken, there are many layers of heart now. But they remain pious otherwise they would not have been broken, I believe.

Please respect for what you have because even the skies do not have their own lands.

Live your life do not try to understand it.

Go with the times anad do not try to change everything.

Keep breathing fully, as your heart says

and do not try to suffocate from within

Live the rest on the supreme power.

I mean with this is you need not think much about this world rather just keep going as your heart says and if your conscious does not allow about something to be done in a particular way or not at all, do not go that ways, this is one life enjoy it fully and live the rest on its own, Because not everything is made to be done for us under the sky, but do not sit ideal as well.


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