सरपंच अखिला: Sarpanch Akhila!!

This post is from one of my brother Mr Rajesh Kumar Mangawa’s Wall

Followed with translation

घर की लक्ष्मण रेखा पार की तो रावण (कोरोना) का आना तय है। एक जिम्मेदार सरपंच अखिला यादव की हिम्मत और सोच देखिए कि इन्होंने वो कर दिखाया जो कल्पना से भी परे है। सरपंच अखिला यादव का कहना है कि हमारा गाँव, आपका शहर ज़िंदा रहें इसलिए हमारे गाँव की लक्ष्मण रेखा को पार ना करें। क्योंकि रावण किस रूप में किसे, कहाँ, कब मिल जाएं ये ना सीता को पता है ना राम को…..
सरपंच अखिला यादव ने देखा कि सरकार अखबार..टीवी..और इंटरनेट के जरिए लगातार यह खबर दे रही है कि अपने घरों से ना निकलें…लेकिन फिर भी लोग इस बात को इग्नोर करते हुए घरों से निकल रहे हैं, बाहर से भी लोग गाँव में आ-जा रहें हैं और घरों के बाहर भीड़ इकट्‌ठा कर गप्पे हांक रहे हैं तो सरपंच अखिला यादव अपने गांव को ही लोकडाउन करके मुख्य मार्ग पर कंटिली झाड़ियां डालकर लठ्ठ लेकर बैठ गई तांकी संक्रमण काल को टाला जा सके।
आपका यह कार्य उन दकियानूसी विचारधारा के लोगों के मुंह पर करारा तमाचा है जो सोचते हैं खतरा शहरों में है गांवों में नहीं। कोरोना नामक अदृश्य वायरस हर जगह, हर गली, हर गाँव, हर कस्बा, हर शहर, हर देश में तबाही मचाता हुआ आगे बढ़ रहा है। इसलिए आप जैसी होनहार जन प्रतिनिधि के हौंसले के आगे चुनौती का रूप लेकर देश के सामने खड़ी इस समस्या ‘कोरोना वायरस’ से भारत जीतेगा कोरोना हारेगा।

If you go in the crowd, you are putting yourself in danger to get infected with the virus. The villagers were not following the instructions, therefore the Sarpanch had to follow this way. We appreciate her courage, as it is not really what everyone can do or will do. She is Ms Akhila Yadav, Sarpanch, who says that because she doesn’t want to see anyone die in her village therefore she wanted to break the chain, as none knows, where this threatcan catch hold of them and when it may spread to the entire village.

When she saw the news that Government is continuously warning people not to go out and stay at their homes, through internet, TV, newspapers etc, but she found people ignoring this continuously. She found people gathering on the main road and coming and going out just to do gossips, she just locked down her village and put barricades of thorny branches on the main-road to break this chain of meeting. And she set down right there to observe the naughty creatures and keep them under control.

This was actually great to find her doing it there, as some people are spreading this rumour that the covid threat is only in the cities and not in the villages, because the fact is that in want of proper awareness in villages its presence can be more dangerous there. There are many patients found in the villages of Italy and dead, like wise there are patients in the Indian villages as well, and it is hard to control it from spread in the villages. And she understands it well, therefore she is taking the instructions from Government seriously and there to save her village.

Salute to this aware lady and her spirit.


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  2. The fight to stop the spread of the virus finds the biggest problem in people. They ignore the instructions and if they are from the villages, the beliefs do not let the rules be enforced. I think that is the biggest stumbling block to stop the infections.
    Here in Chile, a night curfew and total quarantine have had to be put in some sectors of the capital. For that very reason. People ignore not leaving the house.
    I hope they see reason.
    The thing about the village in India is an extreme but necessary measure and it takes a strong will to impose it. Just as this lady has. That is hopeful news.

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