Food distribution- at my work place!!

In these times of distress, the most vulnerable people are the daily wage workers. If we can help them out somehow, then it will really be great.

Thanks to Mr Sultan Singh (the founder of this settlement, about whom you have read in last few posts), who helped me out in bringing the community issues out in last three years and my uncle Mr Mahaveer Matwa, being from the same Panchayat having some influence in the panchayat works who helped Mr Singh in construction of Water tank in the school and school boundary wall, then the maintenance of the community hall.

And we could start the activities with kids there, they helped me a lot in bringing the issues of community out in last three years and now thankfully the situation is that when people want to donate some food or cloths, they first think of this Basti and they go there and do it. Also volunteers, who want to teach to the poor kids ask to come here and spend time with these kids to make them learn things during hteir vacations.

This all give me too take some pride, for making people sensitive towards them, and letting them know about their existance and their struggles, because thankfully I could do it on several district level platforms, being brand Ambassador to the Save the girl child scheme of the Govt of India and TISS Fellow.

This picture is making me happy to see that now on these ties of distress, people are coming to my work place on my request and otherwise too, to donate some essential food items here.

Thanks to all of them. Here they are in the leadership of Former Parshad Mr Pawan Sharma, Along with Executive Officer Municipality Laxmangarh Mr Sitaram Kumawat, And my uncle Mahaveer Matwa. These flour packets in their hands were made available by the Jagdamba Flour Mill.

I am thankful to all of them, for taking care of our people in need.


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