I try to be nice!! ;)

Hello friends, it is fun time as well as I am trying to find some solution for the perplexed situation in front of me at times.

As through my posts you can see that I just say bluntly, what I have to say, and do not hide anything in my heart, but yes ofcourse you will have to accept that at the same time I m never thinking bad about anyone, it is love and habit of spreading love that keeps me going. And therefore i want to be nice 😛 always but sometimes somethings come in front of me that before I can be clever enough with the help of my mind, my mouth always completes its task. Therefore, it puts me in the trouble, because people these days cannot digest that in the present times also straight forward people exist like me :(.

And they start putting me in the opposite team, whether it is political or apolitical. If related to politics then earlier people used to call me person with BJP and now the same people call me with congress, but since it is already vanished from India so now they have started calling me a leftist :(. And my problem is I find myself always opposite to the ruling Government, because obviously the ruling Government will decide our present day policies and not the one which is gone, therefore we need to correct our present as we cannot do much with the past. And out future depends on our present as well.

Same thing happens when people try to put unnecessary pressure of ridiculous rituals, which are not rationale, and moreover why should I follow something which I am not happy with. For example if male have dirty thinking then why should I cover my face, what if I fall down somewhere? Again even if I do not fall why must I do that?

Then why should I wear a traditional wear all the times (though I like that a lot and do wear, but not all the times and especially not when someone forces me to do that). I love the dress more which covers my body fully, why should I show some body parts?? Even my traditional wears are long enough to cover me fully and with a long blouse, but that also they do not like and my mouth gives them replies and then I am no more nice ;).

Again they say wear a nose pin, but I feel like they want to control me like an animal, we put nose pin in the cows’ nose to control them and why should I bear the unnecessary pain if I do not like that, there are people who like piercing their body parts, that is their choice, I respect them because they enjoy it that ways and I enjoy it the other ways, but then my mouth asks them to do it on their own and not to teach me about my dressing, then I am no more nice again.

Then they say you do not drink or go in the night parties therefore you are not free…. but I think if you have put yourself in a pipe that if you this particular thing then only you are free, then I believe you are worried about those touch stones only and you are not enjoying your life at the first, forget about the freedom. Therefore I am the way I am and with these examples (though they may not apply to most of you but I just told a few just to talk about) you must have understood that these kind of things are only to divert you and if you are free from any such things you are free to enjoy your life in your own way and friends keep doing that … you need not be nice to everyone because even if you cut yourself and serve it to those people, they will still not be happy and will say it must have been cut the other way or blah blah.

You have this one life and how long??? none knows, enjoy it, stay safe, keep smiling, protect the environment and clean it while living naturally.

Do not bother much about pleasing people but just do not hurt them unnecessarily.

Have fun!!


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